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Chinese Love Pattern and Scrollsaw Mania

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  • Chinese Love Pattern and Scrollsaw Mania

    When my son created a coin from one of the original works from a fellow student, next day, every budding art student in the school was drawing scroll saw patterns to be cut and wanting something from the scroll saw.

    Our deal, if the students create a design, we will cut it out, however, in exchange, we get to share the pattern with the scroll saw community. How awesome is that?

    I hope this excitement holds long enough to build up a good stash of designs. The kids are awesome and understood the "pattern design" concepts immediately.

    The Chinese love symbol is from a very talented young lady named Mia. The red marks are where I mark for drilling, and the pink designates areas not to cut. I included a pic of the pattern so you could see it before downloading the pdf. You should be able to size the pdf up as needed. I'll probably try to cut this pattern in wood as well.

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    Randy, sounds like a win win situation. Thanks for thinking about sharing with the scrollsaw comminity, may even spark a life long interest with those generous pattern designers to design and scroll too. Thanks for the pattern Mia. Sweeeet.
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      Great job, thank you for sharing
      Excuse my English, I go through a translator


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        thanks for sharing this pattern I will attempt this tomorrow after work
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          Thanks for sharing
          Excuse my English, I go through a translator


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            Thanks Mia! Oh and you too Randy....LOL
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              Sounds like a wonderful idea. Hope you post pictures of what the students cut on the saw.


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                That is awesome. Anything that gets kids involved in something positive AND creative has got to be a good thing. Nice work!

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