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    Fellow members,

    I have recently retired and have been looking for a worthwhile hobby and discovered Scroll Sawing. I have now converted a small area of my garage into a workshop. I am subscribing to Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts in the UK and ideally would like to obtain a complete set of issues. I have managed to obtain through, Fox Chapel, most of the back issues of SSW&C but, Fox Chapel do not have all the missing issues and I am still missing quite a few.

    The 19 issues I am missing are:
    Issue 3 Summer 2000 to Issue 16 Fall 2004 Inclusive.
    Issue 18 Spring 2005 & Issue 19 Summer 2005.
    Issue 21 Holiday 2005 to Issue 23 Summer 2006 Inclusive.

    Is there anyone out there who has spare copies of the above and would be willing to give/sell (out of pocket expenses reimbursed obviously) to a new member? If so please let me know and I will forward my postal details.


    Peter M. Larkin

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    Those issues are on the CDs that Fox Chapel sell. There are 12 issues per CD so you would have to buy 1 and 2.

    It is not the same feel as reading a real magazine but it is real easy to print out the patterns. The first 4 CD did a real good job in making it easy to print the broad sheet in the middle.

    Not so easy with the last 2.

    Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club


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      Originally posted by Don in Brooklin On View Post
      ..Not so easy with the last 2...
      I haven't gotten the last couple yet, but I do like ealiest 4 I have. Storing that many magazines is a pain, but keeping them on the computer is painless.
      "Ever Striving, Never Arriving"


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        Search for them on Ebay as well. Create a search for Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts and you will get notified when there is a new listing. I see a number of them listed over the years.

        Karl in Sunny Southwest Florida


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          The CD's are a great source. Welcome to the forum from TN.
          ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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            Were do you find how to order the magazine CDs. Looked all over website and magazine I give up?


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              Originally posted by Trackman View Post
              Were do you find how to order the magazine CDs. Looked all over website and magazine I give up?
              Yes, it is "difficult" to find the CDs. I remember from when I have gone and purchased them before. Even when you do a search for them, they either don't show up, or don't all show up together, etc. They don't even all show up at the bottom (or at all on some) on the "some other items you may be interested in.) They really need to have a link to just the CDs that shows them all together in the shop in my humble opinion.
              Here are links to the ones I did locate:

              Volume 4 doesn't show up on my searches
              Volume 6 doesn't show up on my searches

              Volume 1 is issues 1-12; Vol. 2 is Issues 13-24; Vol. 3 is 25-36; Vol. 4 is 37-48; Vol. 5 is Issues 49-60; Vol. 6 is Issues 61-72 (Vol. 6 is the last one out as far as I know and it covers Holiday 2015 through Fall, 2018.)

              If interested in all or most of them, it may be better to call them directly to see if you can place an order for them all at once more easily.
              Melanie from East TN


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                Thanks for the links! I was thinking it was just me not knowing how to find them. You are right if they want to sale the CDs they should make it so a person can find them.


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