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Bob Duncan as Grobet USA's National Sales Manager

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  • Bob Duncan as Grobet USA's National Sales Manager

    Good Morning Gang,
    The folks at WcI have asked me to formally introduce myself in my new role. Kaylee felt that since I have such a long relationship with the forum (and the readers) I should introduce myself in my new role and reassure everyone that I'm still around.

    You'll still see my name in the magazine. I'm working freelance for the magazines, sharing my wealth of woodworking knowledge as a consultant on articles, writing product reviews (for products that Grobet/Pegas do not have competing products for), and writing general tool and shop articles. I'll still be checking out the forums as well, so if there are products you'd like to see reviews for (or if you have any questions about Grobet products), feel free to mention it here.

    Most of my time up to this point was spent combing through Grobets 600-page catalog of products for the Jewelry, Dental, Optical, and Industrial markets to find what items are also useful for woodcarvers, scroll sawyers, and woodworkers in general, to create a woodworking catalog. Now, I'm spending my time reaching out to my contacts in the woodworking world and showing them what we have available. I'll also be doing some traveling, showing off our tools.

    To wrap this up, yes, I left Fox Chapel, but yes, I'm still around. And there's no way I'd abandon the friends I've made here over the past 15 years.

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    Glad you are still around and contributing to the forum.
    ArtCrafters in Dayton, TN


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      Good luck in your new/old job. I have a hint for dental tools: we use the scraper they clean your teeth with, to remove glue that has squeezed out when gluing up. Just a thought! Happy that you will still be on here. Can't believe its been 15 years since I met you and Shannon. Lucky I was fired that week or I would have never been to the open house and became so involved in woodworking.and met so many wonderful people.

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        Congratulations and best of luck in your new endeavor, Bob. Sounds like an exciting challenge.

        Glad to hear you won't be a stranger around here. Your insight and perspective is always appreciated.
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          Good luck in your new endeavors.
          aka Fibber
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            Congratulations Bob o your new job. Look forward to hearing more about their products. Glad to hear you will still be hanging out with us some here on the forum and still contributing to the magazine.
            Melanie from East TN


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              Bob best of luck. Glad you will be still spending time with us here.
              Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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                Good luck with your new endeavor, they are lucky to have you.! It is great that you will continue your collaboration with SSWWC and Wood Carving illustrated. I also first met you and Shannon at the Fox Chapel open house in 2005, when you were running the speed cutting challenge. Little did I know how hard this hobby would bite me and that I would end up getting the opportunity to be a test cutter for you in 2010.
                Will you now be an official Lurker on this site
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                  As everyone else has said, we are glad you got an opportunity and that you are keeping yourself involved on our "side".

                  It was great meeting you at the open house a few years back and spending that weekend around all the teachers and woodworkers that made the trip great as well as the helpful staff that made those open houses run so smoothly.
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                    Oh, by the way Bob, when will forum members be eligible for the "Friends & Family" discount?

                    Homer : "Oh, and how is education supposed to make me feel smarter. Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain."


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                      Unfortunately, since we don't sell direct, that's not something I can offer <GRIN>.



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