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  • Scroll Saw Tension lever

    I have an 18" Porter Cable scroll saw. The tension lever to tighten the blade will never tighten. I know how it works, I've had my saw for about 3 years, but suddenly it will not tighten and there is a lot of play when you move the lever. ANybody else ever had this issue? Know how to fix it? Any help is appreciated

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    I had a Delta scroll saw that did that. Took it in for service because I'm not mechanically inclined. It was a broken spring in the mechanism. If that's your problem then it's an easy and inexpensive fix for you to do yourself. Good luck!
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      Welcome to the group aforehand,
      Try to get a parts break down of the saw, it should be available from the porta cable website.

      what is the part and model number of your saw?
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        If it is a screw type tightener, try a drop of lock tite on the screw. I have that problem because the threads wear and get a little floppy. The locktite I use is this one.
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