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    hello everyone this is my first post here im a signmaker and am looking to get into carved and gilded letters i took a few workshops on carving and have the gilding thing down I just need to know where to buy my substrate im thinking Mahogany because I hear its great to carve and can be used outside where should I look to buy it I will need to find a piece 1 1/2' thick about a 3'x4' these will probably have to be smaller pieces bonded wich will be a whole new thing to learn how to do

    any help would be apprieciated

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    Re: Mahogany Sign

    Somewhere in your area there is a good hardwood supplier. They should be able to lay-up (glue) your first few workpieces. You will pay for the wood by the board foot plus this additional processing will likely be by the hour. Last winter I bought a piece of mahagony 30' x 30' x 2' thick that came to a grand total of about $225 of which I believe approximately $50 was labor. Alot of money for an amatuer like me but this was (is) a project for my wife's youth group at church, so money was not an issue. Since then I have found a guy with a saw mill, and a planer then I plan join boards with another friends joiner and use local cut woods at much less cost, oak, walnut, butternut. Keep you eyes open and you will find affordable sources of material.
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      Re: Mahogany Sign

      I use Mahogany for almost all my sign boards that I carve for boats. I would recomend it to anyone for carving letters. Its very easy to carve and keep straight lines. Just watch for grain changes, and keep your tools sharp. Any quality lumber yard (not a Home Center) should be able to glue you up a piece that size. Your best off not to use a solid piece because it may warp up or crack on you. Email me if you have any other questions.
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        Re: Mahogany Sign

        If you think you're going to be doing this more than one time it will be worth it for you to invest in several bar clamps. These are the only tools you must have to laminate (bond) the boards. The lumber yard can cut the pieces to size for you-very cheap and fast, usually.


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