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    Hi all

    My name is Jim and I am new to this site and to scrolling. I saw some neat scrolling work while visiting Phoenix this winter and decided it is a hobby Ii might like. I have been doing woodworking so am not entirely inexperienced around saws and wood. Help, advice and encouragement are direly needed and urgently solicited.


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    Welcome to the family Jim. You are at the right place for good advice from a lot of friendly people. Just ask some questions and we will respond.

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      Hey "old new guy". Welcome aboard!
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        The scroll saw is the safest of all power tools.
        There are so many things you can do with them,,,,well really only one, thats cut wood ..oh maybe two, I had an old saw that shook so bad I could mix paint with it.

        Once you get a saw and something to cut there will be no turning back.
        The biggest obsticle to overcome is the lack of confidence we all experienced when starting to scroll.
        This is a great place to cut your teeth.
        If you have any questions at all feel free to ask away.
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          Hi Jim, Welcome to the group.

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            Welcome to the club Jim.


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              Great to have you with us James
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                Welcome Jim, hope you enjoy this site as much as the rest of us.
                Chuck D

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                  Thanks for the welcome,people. You seem like a friendly group. I m not sure if i am an old new guy or a new old guy. In any case Im 76 and im new here and new to scrolling, so thanks for the welcome.

                  My first chore of course is to buy a saw. I wasnt kidding when i said I was just getting started. I figure i can spend up to $200. Is that enough to get a good saw? (I'd have to make a good case with the wife to spend more than that.) I see Sears is having a sale here. A saw sale, if you will. Is their craftsman scroller a good saw. Also, I am close to a Home Depot. How do they stack up?

                  Thanks for the friendly welcome.



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                    Welcome to the family Jim. Glad to have you with us here on the forum. BTW at 76yrs you have learned enough to convince the wife of the things that you can make for HER (hehe) and it will keep you out from under her feet. So as not to start a war on what kind of saw to buy by naming names of brands. Let me suggest that you get one that accepts plain end blades, has a quick clamp blade clamping system, easy tensioning, low vibration and as deep a cutting throat as you can possibly afford. You may never need the depth but sure as heck you will want to do that one big piece... If you are able to run it in store to check vibration that is a plus and some will let you start one. My two cents worth. Again Welcome, Steve
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                      Welcome to the club Jim. No encouragement needed once you start you wont want to stop lol.

                      Don't worry be scrolling


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