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    First Timer to Message Boards, not to wood working. I've got a 23X27 workshop that I built just for woodworking.(of course it needs to be bigger) I've been working with wood for about 7 yrs now. I do a lot of lathe work, which I love, but scrolling is right up there with it. Started out with a Delta saw but soon found the saw that works perfect for me, the DeWalt. It is a much better saw & that can be seen by the results of my projects.

    I really like challenging projects, which leads me to a question about the Marc Tovar Clock in the Spring 2007 Issue #26. Just wondering if anyone has completed this project, and if so, is there anything that needs to be adjusted from the patterns? (other than the noted updates to the plans that shows the drill hole sizes)

    Well, thats a little about me. I'll post some pics of some of my projects later on. Looking forward to exchanging ideas, problems and solutions with you all.

    Never stop learning, Never loose interest.
    Troy Cleckler

    Scrollin' with DeWalt DW788

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    Welcome Troy. Nice size workshop you have. Of course they are never large enough. Haven't tried the clock but someone else should be chiming in soon that has. Have you downloaded the update to the clock? Some parts were missing or rather didn't show up clearly on the original pattern.

    Paul S.


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      Hi Troy and welcome to the forum.


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        Hi Paul, I have downloaded the updates & it does clarify the drill size for which holes which the original patterns was not clear & also shows the brass tube size cut lengths that was left out of the original. I've allways wanted to build a grandfather clock & still plan to do it someday soon but when I seen this clock in this issue I became interested in it because of the open gears and all.

        Scrollin' with DeWalt DW788


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          Hi Troy and welcome to the group.

          Delta P-20 & Q-3

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            Hi Troy and welcome to the board.

            There's another thread on here regarding the clock

            Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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              Thanks PuzzledMoose, Glad I joined the board. Looks like I'm going to get a lot of good advice & ideas here. Went to the thread & it was helpful.

              Scrollin' with DeWalt DW788


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                Hey Troy, looking forward to seeing some of your stuff.
                Check me out on the web:


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                  Hi Troy, and welcome to the group.Great place for info and friends.
                  New owner of a Dewalt DW788


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                    Welcome Troy,
                    Looking forward to seeing your work.
                    My new shop is twice the size of the 12 X 12 spare room I'm working in now. But, When I hit the lottery......

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                      Welcome Troy and please do post pics.....even if they are turnings!

                      Sounds like a great shop you've got.....
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                      D. Platt


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