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    3 monthes start to finish

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    What am I missing or should I say what are you missing? I don't see a picture.


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      Was going to say the same. Where do I find the picture of the finished work?
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        I got it. Maybe he meant the message. He is a very slow typist. Just joking, I am sure you will tell us what you are talking about.
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          Might be one of those funnies you know "how do you keep a scroller in suspense"

          LOL!!! I do that all the time with e-mails where I get so excited and forgot the attachment.

          I think we have all done that at one time or another. When you upload the photo I think for a Jpeg it can not be more than 780 x 780. I found after you up load them you have to go back to the paperclip again and you will see your images and just click on it and it will embed itself on your post. You wont actually see the picture though until after you submit it. All you will see is brackets and letters. Hope this helps you.
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            Originally posted by kyscroller
            You wont actually see the picture though until after you submit it. All you will see is brackets and letters. Hope this helps you.
            You should see your picture when you preview your post before submitting it.


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              Welcome to the forum cbenson56244.


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                No...he's just saying he clocked 3 months from start to finish and it took him 3 months. lol
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                • cwmagee
                  Reply to Another Celtic cross
                  by cwmagee
                  Alex, your creativity is amazing, keep up the great work.
                  Yesterday, 09:47 PM
                • Harry
                  Reply to Toy jeeps
                  by Harry
                  Hi Jim.

                  The paints I used are mainly aerosol spray.

                  The green is Rus-oleum Painters touch, craft enamel.

                  The red is a stores brand own name, just called Wilko's

                  Don't know if you will get either of these in Mexico, but I'm

                  sure you...
                  Yesterday, 01:18 PM
                • jim_mex
                  Reply to Toy jeeps
                  by jim_mex
                  Great work and patience needed to pull off these smaller toys. You did a fantastic job! I really like them.

                  I'm curious to know what type of paints you use if you don't mind sharing the brand name.
                  Yesterday, 10:15 AM
                • jim_mex
                  Reply to Another Celtic cross
                  by jim_mex
                  Nice precise work Alex, as always from you.

                  I also find Celtic these designs fascinating due to their intricacy and geometrical symmetry but I doubt I have your patience to cut them!

                  Well done!
                  Yesterday, 10:12 AM
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                  Bstark, take a look at out simple table setup that I have posted in Bettys posting. This fair is an annual fund raiser for our churches women's group. So I pay for two 8 ft tables (so I don't need to bring any) A couple of nice table clothes and I put shutters on each end and made special shelves...
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