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  • Hello, happy to be here!

    This is my first time posting on this message board or on any message board for that matter. I have been a woodworker for many years, but just recently (one month ago) acquired an interest in scrolling. It was an unusual beginning. While we were on a short vacation in Utah, I took my wife with me to Woodcrafters. While I was ogling all the "toys", my wife was purusing the library. She came up to me with a book and said, "Doesn't this look interesting." It was a scroll saw pattern book for Christmas ornaments. (My wife is a Christmas Ornament fanatic!) She said wouldn't this be fun to do, how do we get started. I nearly fell flat on the floor. She has always had an interest in my woodworking, primarily as my most adoring fan. The thought that we could do woodworking projects together just thrilled me to no end. Needless to say, within a week I had purchased a Delta 350 Scroll saw and we are in buiness. We haven't done much yet other than draw lines on 1/4 and 1/8" stock and practice staying on the line. We are looking for good "beginners" patterns, but haven't come up with a lot. We did do the plate holder design that we found on this message board and it turned out pretty nicely. We live in Montana, so this is an excellent time of year for us to stay in side and scroll away. If any of you have any advice for us or know where we can get some simple patterns, please give us a post. Glad to be a fledgling member of this impressive group. From what I have read and seen, there are many very talented people on this message board.

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    Hey Wally,
    Welcome, there are free simple patterns all over the internet. Just do a search for them. Also kids coloring books & usually a subscriptoin to the scrolling magazines will get you some extra patterns besides what is in the magazines. What part of Montana are you from? I have been motorcycle touring all over your beautiful state. Have to get to the mountains once a year at least to get my fix for another year.


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      Hi Wally

      I am also a new start to the scrolling but I live in Livingston in Scotland and have had great time trying new things out with my scroll saw. As Randy suggested colouring books are a great way to practice on scrap materials. I use diffrent sizes and thickness of plywood (its cheap and easily cut) good blades also make a great diffrence to the accuracy of the cut.
      Hope this helps.
      Keep on scrolling


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        Hi Wally

        First, welcome to the forum - you too, Shinzam .

        If you like Christmas themes, you'll find that old Christmas cards often make very suitable patterns. Some of the first projects I ever cut were simple outline shapes of images traced from cards, cut from board, then painted to make little baubles for the Christmas tree.

        Happy scrolling.

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          Wally and Shinzam, Welcome to the family. Steve
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            Wally and Shinzam, Welcome to a great scrolling group.

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              Welcome to you both.

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                Welcome to the forum and for your visit to Salt Lake and the Woodcrafter Store. I can't go in there very much, because when I do I spend too darn much. You can find some nice patterns for download on this site. (Look in the left column for "free scrollsaw patterns"). Some of the patterns in this area are the ones that I tried first and got me hooked to scrolling.

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                  Welcome to our little scroll saw family, hope you both enjoy your stay and visit often!

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                    Shinzam & Wally, Welcome to the club.


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                      Hi Wally and Shinzam. Welcome to the best scrolling place.
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                        We are nestled in the beautiful mountain valley around Helena. Welcome to the Big Sky!


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                          Welcome Wally, nice to have ya.
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                            Looking forward to seeing what you guys end up creating. You'll find that there are knowlegable people here. I wish I would have had this site back in the dark ages, (pre-internet), when I first started out.

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