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Colored tracing lines an more....

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  • Colored tracing lines an more....

    Something that many scroller's find helpful in seeing their scroll saw blade while following pattern lines or tracing lines, is to use RED pencil lead or print pattern copies in red. Some like doing this, while others may not! If you have never tried this method it really work's well for cutting control and you might what to give it a try! It's easy loosing that black thin blade into that
    black thin line!

    Something that you may not of heard of is a method I saw a fellow scroller do while attending a recent seminar. The fellow was scrolling and I soon noticed that his blade was red! After the demo, I talked to him and found out that he spray paints enamel on both sides of his blades!!!

    He told me that some of the paint evenually wears off, but it still works better than a bare unpainted blade for visibility and none of the paint seems to rub off or discolor the wood! I haven't tried it in the shop yet, but I think I'll experiment with it sometime soon.....What the Hay!....Can't Hoyt!!

    Question!....Why don't a blade manufacturer try a red anodizing process?

    Old Scrollers Never Die...They Just Saw Away!

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    Others have suggested the red line, too. I like the anodizing suggestion. Maybe someone should follow up on this with blade makers.

    Another solution, though not quite as effective, is using an LED light source. I got one you wear like a headbank for Christmas and it makes keeping up with the blade and cut line a bit easier.

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      I think I just had a brilliant thought. How about us entrepeneurs pool our resources and create a laser guided SS blade!? Maybe we could include Mike @ FD in on this and incorporate it into the FD blade?

      Paul S.


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