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  • Another Central NYer Here

    Brief intro here folks. Been "kinda scrolling" for 20 plus yrs. Got a little more serious just in the past 2 or 3. I've sold at craft shows, but mainly scroll for the relaxation. I love the way the rest of the world just disappears when I sit down at my lil Delta 16" VS (soon to be retired in favor of a 788). I'm fortunate that I go to the shop in the middle of the night if I choose. I rent a space in an old fertilizer factory! Cozy, warm and well lit...essentials here in central NY in the freezing months.

    I am in hopes to glean some fresh ideas from the folks well as add a few.


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    Welcome to the family John. There are sharp blades here and I am sure that you can hone a couple with your experience. Steve
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      Welcome to the club John.


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        Welcome to the group John.
        Owner of a nice 21" Excalibur
        Owner of a Dewalt 788
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          Hi John, welcome to the group.

          Delta P-20 & Q-3

          I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me!


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            Hello John, Welcome to the Group
            "Everything Happens for a Reason"
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              Hey John and welcome from cold North Carolina (At least cold by our terms) You are in the right place if you love to scroll.
              Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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                The original pattern was 7 1/2 x 13 1/4.. The book has no mention of resizing on all but one page. My guess the magazine and the book side of fox has no one who scrolls.. the last books have shown that. enlarged I had to use a #1 blade for many cuts. If I had just copied the pattern in its silver...
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                I think he is talking about the size of the patterns lately and extra steps needed to copy and resize them. It took me an hour to copy the fish from the latest issue with all the folding, cutting to match, tape, repeat. If it had been letter or legal size, I could have copied and resize with less hassle....
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                IDK? I remember that Ben sold Pegas blades, but the label on this package just says "Ben's Blades, Ultra Thin Puzzle Blade". When Denny started selling Pegas blades I asked him and he told me Pegas doesn't sell a specific "puzzle" blade. The 2/0 might be their answer....
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                No, but I like that guess. It’s very useful and my niece wants one.
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                Tim, do you have a picture?
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