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for some reason I cant reply in my original post ??

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  • for some reason I cant reply in my original post ??

    as title so I have made a new post very strange this:

    Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone much appreciated!

    I am sure I will be asking lots of questions and like you guys said I am sure I will learn alot in a short space of time with your help.

    I have only done a few practise cuts so far and my daughters name in some 6mm ply, and I have noticed that at low speed it still seems to quick for me to react quick enough at times .... I guess this is just the learning curve and I will get used to it ?? One quick question should I be using the saw at slow speed or should it be runing flat out for ply? the only reason I ask is if I had got the Hegner Multicut 1 I was going to get that is fixed speed and would be runing flat out all the time or is speed of blade just personal preference?

    the other thing I was going to ask was "blades" can you tell me what you guys thing of these ones availible from and what would be the best for me to use with different types of wood etc.

    Many thanks


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    Sorry that your post got caught up. We've had a lot of problems with Spam lately, and installed a patch that requires posts from new members with certian key words be moderated...

    I've approved it and everything should be correct now!

    Bob Duncan
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      Hi Adam
      If you are interested in good blades get in touch with Mike
      PM me for his address.
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        Originally posted by BobD
        Sorry that your post got caught up. We've had a lot of problems with Spam lately, and installed a patch that requires posts from new members with certian key words be moderated...

        I've approved it and everything should be correct now!

        Bob Duncan
        Technical Editor
        Hey no problem, I ws just a bit confused as to what was going on...was driving me nuts!


        Thanks for the link I will go and have alook now...I gues Mike ok shipping to the UK ?



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          Hi Adam,

          Welcome to the forum. PM me and I will supply you with another source of awesome blades and service. Ben is very accommodating. There is 1 more brand I'll clue you into, also.
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            Hi Adam

            Once you've used a variable speed saw, I think you'll find it frustrating to revert to a single speed machine. Rather than looking to a Hegner 1, I'd be inclined to fix my gaze on a Hegner 2 with variable speed. I know the price difference is considerable, but it's worth it.

            Another option would be to look at the Axminster AWFS18 which seems to be very popular with people who own one.

            Blades? Hobbies have a good reputation although I've always been happy with the blades I buy direct from Hegner UK in Hailsham. I also use the FDs that were mentioned earlier in the thread. Mike does ship them to the UK; they normally take about a fortnight to arrive and I like them a lot. However, some people don't get on with them, so shop around and see which blades suit you. I'm afraid you'll have to rely on your own experience when it comes to blade selection. Much will depend on the type of wood you're cutting, the speed you're cutting, the thickness of the wood, and probably several other factors that other people will no doubt chime in with .

            Experiment, break a few blades, and enjoy yourself!

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              Blade discussions can sometimes take on a life of their own. My standard recommendation is to visit the websites of Flying Dutchman/Mike Moorlach and Rick Hutcheson. The links are provided from this site. Lots of good general info there on blades. Then go down to the Tool & Blades forum and look back through past posts. This is a regular topic of discussion here. Between these sources, you will learn a lot about what types of blades there are and what are they best used for. As for the ones best for you, only way to find out for sure is to get some and try them.

              It depends on what one is cutting, but I like variable speed and wouldn't want a saw without it. I rarely run my saw wide open, but will often run it at low speeds, based on what I'm cutting. It's somethjing you develop a feel for over time and with practice. But there are a couple things you can do until you get more comfortable. Using smaller, less aggressive blades, especially in thin material will help. Also if you are cutting thin plywood, stack cut a couple layers. This will give you a thicker material (plus an extra finished piece). That, along with using a smaller blade will slow things down a good bit. Even if you use some scrap material to stack, it will help prevent breakage in delicate areas and help minimize the fuzzies on the back side of your keeper piece.
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                I also think it's important to shop around and try out a variety of blades.. I currently have at least three different types..some FD, Pegas and Olsen.. I've tried some of the cheaper blades, and some that are available in my local hardware stores..yes, I have a took awhile to find...have fun with the adventure and welcome to the world of scrolling!

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                  Hi Adam.
                  You have mail.

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