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  • A New scroller from UK

    Hi, I am 33 from the United Kingdom and have just purchased a new dremel Scrollstation. It seems quite a good machine and cuts nice and straight, but I think I have a lot to lern....but I am sure with the help form you guys I will be able to come up with something presentable

    I must say some of the work you guys do is amazing I just hope I can become as good.I have just ordered a copy of :"Easy to Make Inlay Wood Projects: Intarsia" by Judy Gale Roberts...I am hoping that will get me well on my way.

    anyway look forward to chatting with you guys and learning lots along the way!



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    Welcome aboard Adam! We're all here to learn and share together, so jump right in and join the fun.
    One bit of advice on your Dremel, besure and read and follow the maintance tips given in the owners manual. It could very well save you some grief down the road!

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      Hi Adam, Welcome to a great scrolling forum.

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        Welcome to the family Adam. Steve
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          Hey Adam. Welcome to our happy family. Don't let the works dispalyed here intimidate you. We all were beginners like you. Our first attempts were crude at best and we all have had projects that ended up in the kindling pile. Just take your time and have fun with it.
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            Hi! Adam, welcome to the club.


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              Welcome to the board, Adam.

              Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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                Hi Adam - nice to have you with us .

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                  welcome adam, nice to see the british contingent growing stronger.


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                    Hi Adam and welcome to the group. Ask questions and many of them. You'll see that in no time at all you will have learned a lot.
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                      Welcome Adam . Lots of good knowledge and personality here in this lil' family ...don't be shy
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                        Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone much appreciated!

                        I am sure I will be asking lots of questions and like you guys said I am sure I will learn alot in a short space of time with your help.

                        I have only done a few practise cuts so far and my daughters name in some 6mm ply, and I have noticed that at low speed it still seems to quick for me to react quick enough at times .... I guess this is just the learning curve and I will get used to it ?? One quick question should I be using the saw at slow speed or should it be runing flat out for ply? the only reason I ask is if I had got the Hegner Multicut 1 I was going to get that is fixed speed and would be runing flat out all the time or is speed of blade just personal preference?

                        the other thing I was going to ask was "blades" can you tell me what you guys thing of these ones availible from and what would be the best for me to use with different types of wood etc.

                        Many thanks



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