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  • Welcome Woodzombie

    I'd like to welcome TJ (woodzombie) to the Message board. He is Wytyger's (Sandy's) son and recently posted a photo of a clock he made in the gallery. Really nice work!!! Don't be bashful TJ...join in and tell us about yourself!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Welcome aboard!!
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    Hi woodzombie.

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      hi! t.j. and welcome to the club.


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        Hi TJ and welcome.

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          Welcome to the family TJ. Steve
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            Re: Welcome WoodZombie

            Hello everybody,

            My name is TJ. (I tried to post a greeting yesterday but somehow it didn't work.) I got interested in woodworking when I started learning more about it in my Tech Ed. class at school. We made a clock and I learned how to use some tools in the process-one of them was a scroll saw. I have used a scroll saw once before, at the Fox Chapel Open House. I scrolled out a bunch of little foxes-they didn't come out perfectly, but it was a good try.
            I look forward to doing more woodworking in the future.
            My hobbies are anything to do with motorcyles, skateboarding, reading and now, woodworking!
            woodzombie (TJ)


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              Hi TJ and welcome to the family
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                Welcome, TJ. I've got some relatives in the Harrisburg area. Get up there every once in awhile.

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                  Welcome here TJ. I probably met you at the open house, but cant remember for sure, but met the rest of the family. You should tag along with mom to work, and while she is working, you could go upstairs and have a choice of scrollsaws to use!!! I would have expected to see something 'superbeast' or 'dragula', instead of a bird dog!!! Dale
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                    Hey TJ! Gret to see ya!!! Let me know if you need help posting photos of your work! Or if you find an avatar you like better!!!



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                      TJ! Good to see another 'local' here in the group. And it's even greater to know you're part of the next generation of scrollers in the works. Pass your enthusiasm on to more folks your age and keep this great hobby going. By-the-way, my profile says Felton, Pa.... that's just 5 miles south of York.
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                        re: welcome WoodZombie

                        Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I don't know a whole lot of people that are into woodworking, so I'll try to spread the word to some of my buddies.
                        LuckyScroller, hi, yeah, my mom can't take me to work too often because I am still in school (and I eat all the candy off her desk ). I'm into White Zombie more than Rob Zombie, but I do like both...and what is a dragula? Just kidding! ("Dragula" is a song by Rob Zombie... It is also a car built for The Munsters!)
                        I'll be starting on my CO2 car in Tech Ed class soon, in the design I am taking so much wood out of the middle that it might break! For this project I'm going to be using basswood. Has anybody ever made a CO2 car? I could use a few pointers!
                        woodzombie (TJ)


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