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Greetings from Litlhof in the Smoky Mtn. Area

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  • Greetings from Litlhof in the Smoky Mtn. Area

    Hi Everyone, my name is Walt Rollison and I live in Seymour Tennessee, about 15 miles north of Pigeon Forge. I have been seriously scrolling for about 3 years, but off and on for about 40. My main interest at the moment is intarsia and I only completed about 8 or 9 projects so far.
    Best regards to all.
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    Hi! Walt, and a warm welcome to the friendliest scrolling club on the web, and the most helpful too.


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      Hi Walt and welcome to the board. Kevin's right - this is definitely the most friendly and helpful forum I've come across.

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        Welcome to the gang.

        You're from the area I call heaven on earth. The smokies are beautiful.

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          Hi Walt, glad to have you in the family.

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            Welcome to the family Walt. Steve
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              Welcome, Walt, I've been scrolling about 3 years, too, not the 40 years part, tho.

              Let's see what you've be up to.

              The people are the greatest here.


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                Welcome Walt. Best place around.
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                  Welcome Litlhof. Have been to Pigeon Forge several times vacationing. Nice area. Last time we were there, I had a Honda Prelude that was a blast to drive up and down the mountain. Let us see some of your work, please.

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