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Hello from NorthWest Montana.

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  • Hello from NorthWest Montana.

    Just recently picked up a scroll saw and took a stab at something for the wife's new kitchen that we just been remodeled.

    The questions have been building up over the past couple days -- with the loads of information here, fortunately I'm finding answers already. Thanks for the great source.

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    Welcome to the family Stan, pull up a chair and join right in. Steve
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      Welcome aboard Stan!! So what kind of project are ya working on?

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        Welcome to the group! If there's a question and you can't find an answer among these folks ... it's mission impossible.
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          Thanks for the welcome folks.

          Bill, the project I'm working on now is a valance that will span the cabinets over the sink. We will be putting in a wide flourescent light behind the valance.

          The plan is to make a framework that will allow different panels to be placed into the valance, the first three will be a wheatstalk panel and 2 dragonfly panels.

          This is the wheatstalk panel -- the pattern came from Workbench magazine (Dec 2005) in an article on inlays in gift boxes. I kinda munged some of the starter holes (if that's the right term) and had problems with the pattern lifting so I will be re-doing this panel. And thanks to the forum, I think I will be looking for some 'green tape'. Will be buying some mineral spirits also.

          I will be using colored epoxy to fill in the panel, probably a light yellow for effect. Haven't found anything yet, but some sort of luminiscent (sp) or 'sparkled' mixture for the epoxy in the dragonfly wings.

          I'm on the hunt for a better dragonfly pattern right now, the one I have just doesn't look quite right. I searched and found a message thread pointing to google images and think I have found one that will look a lot better thanks to that information.


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            Hi Stan welcome to the group.
            There are a lot of nice people in here.

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              Welcome to the board Stan. Hope to see some of your work posted on here.

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                Weclome to the bunch.

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                  Welcome to the family Stan
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                    HELLO STAN, sorry for shouting but i'm a long way away. lol


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                      Thanks for the warm welcome all.

                      The project is to add a valance between the cabinets over the sink that will have a series of panels that can be inserted (and replaced as wanted). This was my first attempt at scrolling a pattern (from Workbench magazine, Dec 2005), which is used in the article to make colored epoxy gift box lids. This wheatstalk pattern will be in the center with two dragonflys -- one on either side. Thanks to the forum I think I have a metod for a better dragonfly pattern.

                      I need to work on centering my start holes a bit better -- and I guess some green tape is in order to try and keep the pattern from lifting. (Another forum hint that is well appreciated).

                      The wheatstalk pattern above will be filled in with a light yellow/gold colored epoxy, and I'm looking for a way to add some sort of luminiscent (sp) or sparkled additive to the epoxy for the dragonfly wings.

                      Again, thanks for the welcome and all the great information.
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                        Kalispell, huh? Cute little town. My Mother-In-Law is from Bonners Ferry. She gets all my overflow projects. I think she has more of my stuff in her house than we have in ours :-)

                        Anyway, welcome to the group! I'm sure you'll find answers to just about all your questions here. Sometimes more than one answer. On occasion, even a correct one :-)


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                          Originally posted by unixpro
                          I'm sure you'll find answers to just about all your questions here. Sometimes more than one answer. On occasion, even a correct one :-)

                          You can go off people .

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