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  • Hello from rainy Oregon

    Hello...Jeff here in Eugene, Oregon. I've been scrolling for about 4 years. When I first became interested I went and bought a Craftsman, the only place I knew. I've actually been quite happy with it, but I recently bought a DeWalt in the hopes that it would expand my capabilities. In some ways it has, but I'm still getting adjusted to it. It cuts much more aggressively and is hard for me to control in the tight stuff.

    Anyhow...I've been lurking here for a while. Seems like a great bunch...


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    Welcome Jeff


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      Welcome to the family Jeff. Steve
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        Hi Jeff
        Welcome to a great forum.

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          Welcome from rainy michigan. Hope to see some of your projects online here.

          strangest winter I've ever seen.
          Jeff Powell


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            Hi Jeff
            Great to have you with us.
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              Hi Jeff and welcome to the site.

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                welcome to the forum jeff, from a sunny but cold, sunderland in england.


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                  Welcome to the Group from snowy Wyoming
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                    welcome to a great group of people


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                      Welcome to the group. It is a great place to learn about scrolling a get all kinds of new ideas. From snowy and cold Utah.

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                        Welcome Jeff. You've more experience than I but I use a Craftsman, too. Not yet ready to look for a better saw. The only complaint on the saw I have is that a mounted blade does not line up centered in the table hole. So when I make inserts, I have to offset the blade hole.

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                          Hi Jeff, welcome to the group.

                          Like you, I went from a Craftsman to a Dewalt a couple of years ago. As for your problems getting used to the saw being more aggressive, I can relate. One big difference I noticed was how much tighter I was able to get the blade on the DeWalt than the Craftsman. This allowed the blade to cut much better and truer than I was used to, which meant I didn't have to force the wood as much. Took some getting used to.

                          Don't know what speed you are running the DeWalt at, but you can try slowing the blade speed down some. Also you can try a less aggressive blade. I would sometimes cut one of's of a pattern out of thin material. This makes it very hard to control the blade, so if that is something you are doing, try stacking your thin material with some scrap plywood to make a thicker stack. This will offest some of the aggressiveness as well and give you a little better control.

                          Good luck and have fun making sawdust!
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                            Hi Jeff, welcome to another from Oregon. I am about a hundred miles north of the California border on I-5. And the sun was shining all day long.
                            Chuck D

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                              welcome to the forum..


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