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  • Welcome Aboard Janette Square

    Glad to see you found our little corner of the web!

    In case you don't know, Janette is a great intarsia designer, who was one of the runners up in our Best Project Design Contest with her Ragdoll Cat Intarsia. The article is in our Spring issue!


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    Glad to have you with us Janette.
    This forum is addictive but it is a great place to build friendships and have fun.
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      and a big welcome from me to Janette.


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        Welcome to the family Janette.
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          Welcome to the group Janette
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            Hi Janette, Welcome aboard. I have already been informed that the Ragdoll cat is my next project by My Lady. Last time I show her one of my magazines
            Chuck D

            When a work lifts your spirits and inspires bold and noble thoughts in you, do not look for any other standard to judge by: the work is good, the product of a master craftsman.
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              Welcome aboard...saw the article and the cat in the magazine this afternoon. It looked great, nice woods and great fit. It was an excellent overall article, congratulations !
              Jeff Powell


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                Welcome Janette. I can't wait to see what you have next for us.

                Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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                  Welcome, and like others have said, your intarsia is awesome!!! Dale
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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                    Welcome to the family Janette. Steve
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                      Welcome, Janette. I thought your name sounded familiar. Saw your cat...I mean seen your that's not right either..sawed your cat..oh forget it!!! hehe

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                        Welcome to our little family Janette
                        ...enjoy !
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