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  • New to this great site!

    Hello all,

    Great site, I have been scrolling on and off for the past ten years, mostly off.
    I make mostly collapsible baskets. I am looking for a horse pattern that I might be able to use in the baskets. Any thoughts?

    A bit about me, I live in Summerville, SC My scroll saw is a dw788, a move up for me from the old delta I first started on.

    Best Regards,
    Mike "Pep"

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    hello pep
    you are in good hands here, loads of help and friendly advice, so come on in and ask away.


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      Welcome to our little family Pep. Steve
      If This HillBilly Can't Fix it Then it Ain't Broke!!!
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        hello pep, and welcome to the forum.


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          Welcome to the best scrolling place around.
          Owner of a nice 21" Excalibur
          Owner of a Dewalt 788
          PuffityDragon on AFSP


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            Yay, welcome Pep!

            I've never tried those baskets - collapsible or otherwise - but I do love the look and want to learn to make them.

            This is definitely the site to hang out at for advice and support and just good companionship.

            "If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin's egg."

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              Welcome Pep. You will love the Dewalt and the information available from this site. All you need to do is ask. Everyone here loves to share.

              Creator of fine designer sawdust.


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                Welcome to the board, Pep.

                Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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                  Welcome, Pep. Nice to see another seasoned scroller whose brain I can pick! For horse patterns the WoodenTeddybear is a good place to start.

                  Craftsman 16" VS, Puros Indios and Sam Adams!
                  Scrollin' since Jun/2006

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                    Welcome Pep.

                    We hope you feel very welcome and comfortable here with us and post some photos of your work in the scroller galleries.

                    Take care


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                      Good job Toni...I knew you had a bit of welcoming spirit left in you.

                      Welcome aboard Pep!!

                      Hawk G4, Dremel 1800

                      Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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                        Thanks for making me feel welcomed,after reading other posts I know that this is truly a close Family.
                        To comment on a few replies.
                        We have a few Hillbillies down here in SC not much difference between them and rednecks! I have been called the second a few times! lol
                        I love making the baskets, try the Berry Basket for patterns, I got the link to this site from their site.
                        I have had the Dewalt 788 for a while, and yes i do like it alot. Hope you don't mind me picking your brain later on down the road.
                        thanks for the Info I will look into that site.
                        And Toni,
                        I need to get my 3 year old grandson to show me how to use the pc to get some of my pictures on here. I am still typing with 2 fingers!
                        Thanks again, I need to go sweep my shop.
                        Best Regards and a very Happy New Yew to all!
                        Mike "Pep"


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