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    I have been a member of the forum for almost two years and in that short time I have really seen peoples skills develop.

    Many members had either just started scrolling when they joined or were not familiar with other techniques.

    Some of the members have very successfully entered the realm of pattern design.

    Everyone has improved in at least one aspect of their hobby.
    If you look back through the posts or through the user galleries you will see what I mean. Lines are steadier, curves are truer, patterns are more refined.
    and some of us even crossed over from the unfinished scrolled piece to one or two pieces with color.

    I am very proud of what everyone has accomplished and I look forward to many more years of growing with my friends here.

    The collective knowledge on the forum is second to none. This is one of the most valuable scrolling resources anywhere.
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    You said a mouthful Carl! I for one owe a great bit to this family of ours for all the encouragment and support given, friendship and wisdom abounds here on my internet home.
    O.K. group hug, and pats on the back..........
    Now ya'll go make some more sawdust!

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      I've learned so much from this forum as well...and I really think it improves my writing, and the articles in the magazine. Not only do I learn things that I can apply to my projects, I vicariously learn from all the project that all of you work on. So even if it's a project I may never attempt, I still learn!

      So...get hug again...



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        i've got to agree with everything you said carl, as a recent newcomer to the forum i've gone back through most of the threads and noticed how people have improved very quickly in their technique and it has really given me the inspiration to get in there and give it a fact i'm even dreaming about scrolling. i have to say in my opinion this is the best scrollsaw site on the web,and it's all down to the people who contribute to the site so a big well done to each and every one of you and thank you.

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          As a new member to this forum and to scrolling I have learned so very much from all of you in the last two weeks. All of the tips and techniques are such a great help. Of course the most important thing is practice, practice, and more practice. Just last night while I was scrolling, something seemed to click in my mind and turns and intricate cuts suddenly became easier. I look forward to being able to take on more challenging projects and continuing to improve my skills and continue to learn more from all of my friends on this forum.

          Here is my part of the group hug.. (((((((0)))))))

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            ooops i forgot the group hug, excuse my bad manners.

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              I'd like to add my thanks to the members of the forum who freely and generously give advice, inspiration and encouragement. Collectively you are all a great learning resource as well a good-humoured friendly bunch of folks.

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                I hope to post a couple of pictures of Christmas projects I have been working on so that I can show you all what you have taught me.

                -Just do'in the best I can every day


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                  sawdustus of hiawatha

                  Ditto from New Jersey. The amount of information available here is simply phenomenal. Thanks everyone and have a very happy holiday season.
                  A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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                    Thank you all very much. I've only been on this board for a few days and I already feel like this is family. I've learned already some tricks and I have lots of ideas in my head that I now know I will be able to accomplish thanks to the people here.
                    This board is definitely the best one around.
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                      No matter which side of the pond your on, ya'll are a great bunch. I'm a member of several other scrollsaw related sites and none can hold a candle to this one for friendship, advice and encouragement. Many years ago I bought a cheap Dremel scrollsaw that gave me nothing but frustration. I sold it at a yard sale. Now I have a better saw and better outlook knowing that I can asked for help and it is freely given. I think I need a hug!!!

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                        ((((( HUGGGGGG ))))))

                        It thrills me to help with my little bit of know how and know how nots- I love to see ya'lls work and even tho I don't post replys all the time ( maybe sometimes I shouldn't when I do ) but I assure you that every one is read and it amazes me how each of have bonded.
                        Couldn't ask for better people than you have right here in this forum.
                        I am proud to be a friend and a member.


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                          Hi Sharon, you said friend and member, NAH you're family. Merry Christmas. Steve
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                            Got to put my heartfelt thanx in here too
                            .....Thanx !!
                            I live in a very remote area with few resources and 6 months ago I had just about given up on scrolling after only a few months . Lack of patterns , virtually no help on technique etc. i joined this forum, asked a couple of basic questions and it was like a whole new world opened up. The knowledge and camaraderie on this site is second to none and I am grateful to have found you guys
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                              I know how you feel Robert- I am in the same boat as you and if it wasn't for this forum I wouldn't look forward to getting up in the morning -We love ya big guy ( wet sloppy kiss and a hug) so don't you get down- you DO have at least one friend here anytime you need anything just drop a line.


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