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    I'm completely new to this wonderful artform. I have been a calligrapher for about 25 years. Yes, believe it or not, I find great beauty in the letter P.

    I'm very interested in what type of saw to buy for my first one, preferably under $150, or can a good one be had for that price. Also, the advisability of factory refurbished for a better saw for less money.

    Also, any type of clubs that I could plug into or individuals in the St Louis area.

    God bless,

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    Welcome. I saw a dremel 20" in my paper for $100. I think that's a good buy, alot of people seem to like the dremel which is probably your best buy at a lower price range. Otherwise, a good saw is likely to cost 400 or more.
    Hope your power is back on.
    Jeff Powell


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      Try www.saw-online to check for local scrolling clubs. Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Welcome to the forum. I am new to this forum and to scrolling too. I also have a Dremel H3816 that I found on Ebay from someone locally. It was in nearly new condition and doesn't look like it had been used very much. As for factory refurbished items, I have several items that were factory refurbished and have had no problems. In fact I have had more problems with brand new than I have with refurbished.

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          Welcome, John. I use a Craftsman 16" Variable speed, cost about $149. You don't have to get started with a higher end saw. I like mine just fine. Look at my profile to see my website and you can get an idea of what even an inexpensive saw can do.

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            Mike is absolutely right. Most of the portraits and miscellaneous you see on my gallery were done with an inexpensive Dremel 1680. Once I decided to commit myself I purchased a used Dewalt for $225. I don't believe I'm doing a better job but the Dewalt has made things quite a bit easier and faster. I've tried many things in the past and learned not to spend too much until I was sure I was going to enjoy it and continue with it. Now I have a spare.

            Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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              Welcome to this wonderful art-- I also use a Craftsman 16 vs and wouldn't think twice about buying another one. I must say to buy a new one and get the replacement insurance when you do- it is about $18.
              I bought one a few years back and do a lot of misuse and abuse to my saws. they run almost 24/7 and I have been known to knock them off tables- hit them with a hammer -- and when I totatlly tear it up I have my son carry it back in and he gets a brand new one -no problems given or hassles. I have gotten a new saw every year and have one more year on my 5 yr warranty- just about time I tear this last one up-.
              Now I will say I tend to be hard on my saws- moreso than the average scroller- but I have never had any problem with a craftsman that couldn't be remedied by a trip to town.
              I think the callagrapy is beautiful but now I want to know -- when you write normally do you tend to add a scroll into your writing. I think I probably would. but I am weird anyway.


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                Welcome John, nice to see you posting
                I really like Delta saws, they are very servicable machines and quite inexpensive.
                We all look forward to seeing some of your work.
                Feel free to ask any questions. There is sure to be lots of advice, some of it may even be worthwhile

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