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  • tagman's first time using a message board

    Help!! I am new to this and completely confused as to whether I am doing this correctly, so please bear with me.
    I would like to delve into the world of scrolling and after reading many reviews as to what saws are available, I am now really confused. I would rather purchase something quality rather than start from cheap and work up. I have looked at the DW788 and had a chance to buy a used one. But I soon found out that they wanted almost as much as for new, so opted out. Now I have a chance to buy a Hawk 216vs, supposedly like new, for a price of $400.
    the seller claims that he was told that it sold for almost $1600 originally, but I see brand new models for a lot less that that. That being said, does anyone have an opinion if that particular model would be worht $400 in like new condition. Any help would be really appreciated.
    tagman in Pennsy.

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    Sorry I can't offer any advice. I have an inexpensive Craftsman 16" that I'm pretty happy with. Go to the Tools and Blades forum and you'll find a 'Sticky' at the top with quite a lengthy group of messages where members talk about their saws.
    Hope this helps.

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      Thanks for the advice. Hopefully, down the road, I will get a handle on how to use this message board. It sounds like great bunch of people belong to this group. Again, thanks for answering my inquiry.


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        welcome to the Forum!!

        Regardless of your choice of saws, you are welcome and we all hope you will join in.



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          Hawk 226

          I just replaced my Hawk 226 with a G4. I can't bring myself to sell the 226 as it is still running like new. Bought it in February of 2002 and there are a fair amount of hours on it. Paid $1508.00 including stand, tray, mag light etc. If I were to sell it I'd ask $500. So I guess $400 sounds fair. If you can trust the assessment of the saw.
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            I'd jump on that hawk for that price.
            Jeff Powell


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              Hey Tagman, welcome to the board! Where in Pennsylvania are you located? I live in S.W. PA, north of Pittsburgh.

              Can't comment on the Hawk, but it sounds like a sweet deal, definitely worth looking into.

              I have a DeWalt and I like it. Started out with a Craftsman and the difference is night & day. If you are looking at comparable saws to the DeWalt, check out the Delta P-20. I've used it's predecessor, the Q3 and loved it.
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