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    I've been lurking for a while just reading and learning. I finally bought a Delta SS350 and have been practicing. I am new to both woodworking and scrolling. So far, I like my saw. I have been using Olsen skip tooth reverse #2 and #5. I took the side off of the saw just to see what was in there. I note that the holes for oiling are tiny and would be very hard to hit through the oiling holes with a can of 3-in-one. Should I buy a syringe? It looks like a bent needle would be useful or some very small plastic tubing.

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    Howdy neighbor- I am near Texarkana so that makes us neighbors. I use a thin long tube for my 3 n 1 oil that is small enough that it will fit in almost any hole. I use what I need and then just loop it up like the half tie of a shoestring. I found out the hard way that if you don't hold your tube up when you are through all that was left in the tube will come out-thus making a mess and oiling something you don't want oil on
    Hope this help


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      Welcome aboard arkansas, if you put a first name up some of us nuts might even call you by it. But welcome to our crazy little family. Glad to have you on board with us. Steve P.S. Sharon you better keep everything oiled up if we are going to dance on that table. (private joke)
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