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Hello from Newfoundland, Canada.

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  • Hello from Newfoundland, Canada.

    Hello folks, my name is Kerry Roberts. I am from the beautiful province of Newfoundland on Canada's East coast.

    I am a scroll saw enthusiast whose specialty is scrolling portraits in wood.

    You can view a lot of my work on my website at

    I look forward to chatting with you.


    Check me out on the web:

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    Hi Kerry

    Welcome to the forum. It's nice to have such an accomplished portrait pattern maker among us .

    Psst... I sneakily altered your link to make it look the way you wanted. I don't think anyone will notice so long as we keep quiet about it .


    PS If you go to the User Control Panel, you can include a link to your website on all your posts.
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      Thank you Gill! I will update my info as you suggested.
      Check me out on the web:


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        I peeked at your website and you do great design and cutting, you are more than welcome.
        Chuck D

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          Thank you Chuck.
          Check me out on the web:


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            Hi Kerry,

            I actually have your site saved as one of my "favorites". I ran across your work a few months ago and am quite impressed. Occasionally, when I'm working on a design, I'll look at a couple of yours for ideas. I hope you don't mind. I'm not copying anything, just seeing how you finished a mouth or ear or something. I was wondering when you would join our scrolling family. I'm glad you did. Welcome aboard.

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              Hey Mike I don't mind at all my friend. You are most welcome to learn from anything I have done on the pieces I have cut.

              Here is one I just finished a few days ago.

              Here is the original picture:

              The gentleman's dark skin was a real challenge to get his features to show.

              Here is the finished product:

              The Father is giving it as a gift to his daughter and he is thrilled.
              Check me out on the web:


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                Welcome to the group Kerry. I too have been recently bitten by the portrait bug and found it very satisfying, challenging and enjoyable. I have also taken a long look at your site .....nice work ! I use PSP7 and a Wacom pad
                Glad you finaly decided to join our family
                Enjoy !
                DW788 and Hawk 226

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                  Hi Kerry & welcome!! I had the pleasure of being stationed at Argentia many years ago when the Navy base was there. I spent many weekends in St.Johns. My son was born there. Newfoundland is one of my favorite places. If you need information,you're in the right place(some of it will even be useful!)


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                    I am also from Newfoundland

                    Hi Kerry. I also am from Newfoundland and I live in Gander. I have done portraits of my family as well and have even done a couple of orders for customers. Your work is very nice and i have visited your website.


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                      Well hello there Annie. Nice to have a comrade from "The Rock"
                      Check me out on the web:


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                        Hi Kerry and Annie

                        I spent a year in Gander in the RCAF stationed at the radar station from fall 59 to fall 1960, had a great time, no TV in those years, learned to talk to people again. I haven't tried any portraits I have been doing mostly intarsia.


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                          Great Portraits

                          Hi Kerry, great work on the portraits. Welcome to the family. I just recently started cutting some portraits myself. I will probably have some questions for you if you don't mind. Steve
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                            I don't mind at all away.
                            Check me out on the web:


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