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  • A great forum .... a great hobby .....

    I've taken a great deal of satisfaction in making antique clock replicas for pretty much 30 years now.

    I've attached a couple pictures of one of my last projects. The good looking ladies are my wife and the better half of life-long friends during installation in their home.

    Most patterns and the related hardware have come from Murray Clock Craft: grandfather clock kits . They've always gone to family and friends, but now that they've all been looked after, and I'm well into retirement, I've started to wonder about perhaps making a little pocket money. Larger clocks are not money-makers - way too much time and money to make them.

    But now that I've discovered the scroll saw I see a lot of opportunity:
    • it is about as relaxing an activity as I've ever come across
    • I can spend more time in the workshop - as my knees have grown older my time spent in the workshop has grown shorter - until I discovered the scroll saw - and realized I can sit down!
    • it is an inexpensive hobby - instead of buying massive volumes of expensive hardwood - |I'm pretty sure I have years of scrolling ahead of me just using up the scraps of past projects!
    • I can keep my workshop clean .... bigger clocks take up bigger space - scrollwork does not .... for the first time I can manage multiple projects and still keep the place looking organized (sort of ....)
    • there is a never ending supply of incredible patterns - many are free - and the rest are inexpensive.
    • a single project does not take months to complete.
    • there is a great supply of knowledge, information and advice in this forum on any scrolling problem that I can possibly imagine .....
    What is not to love about scrolling?
    I'm really looking forward to having a long relationship with this forum.



    I moved your thread to a more appropriate forum to maximize traffic and get you more responses to your post/request/question.
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    Nice to see your enthusiasm. Welcome to the family.
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
    Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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      Omigosh - what outstanding work you did on those clocks -- they're just beautiful! I really love your listing of all the "plus" points for scroll sawing. I look forward to seeing some of your projects! And you seem to be a really nice person - glad to have you here!


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        Thanks so much - to avoid any confusion I should point out that I've already been warmly welcomed to the forum - I originally started this thread in the "Beginners" forum to explain my fresh transition from an "old" hobby (big expensive clocks) to a "new" hobby (scrollsaw projects) - I started scrolling earlier this year - enjoy it a lot - now have have two clocks under my belt with pictures posted elsewhere on this forum. I've a number of other projects in the wings ......

        Sorry for any confusion ........



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