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hello out there in syber space

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  • hello out there in syber space

    I have been scrolling for about 15 years. just found this site, signed up for the ornament swap, but got email back saying not active member.
    Just wondered what it takes to be active member.

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    Hello Broth,

    Welcome to this interesting and informative site.

    Active members are just that, members who are active. Active members will post questions and answers occasionally and hopefully post some of their work. Active members are there for each other when they need assistance or just sympathy or a congratulations. For the most part, we active members consider ourselves one big happy scrolling family. We are there to support and encourage each other. Unfortunately, most of the members are just "lurkers". They enjoy reading the threads but for some reason do not want to get involved. Of course, that is their option. Hopefully, now that you are on board, you will become an active member and share with others.

    Once again, welcome aboard and don't be shy. This site is the best source for scrolling info that you will ever find and the active members are extremely knowledgable and willing to share their experience. If not for them, I would be looking for a different hobby.

    Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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