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  • Hey There

    I'm glad to have joined!

    My interest in joining is to refine my shop techniques by learning from more experienced scrollers.

    I'm retired from thirty years in the cabinetmaking trade and have been writing woodworking plan titles for children's playthings since 1994, my latest title The All-New Woodworking for Kids is published by Barnes & Noble.

    My passion is collecting vintage wooden toys and games dating from pre-War to the early Sixties. I also flyfish, and spend a lot of time in my gardens with my wife anne.

    I offer my plans online- and blog about the history and culture of vintage wooden toys- at Downloadable wooden toy plans and woodworking projects | Playful Plans by Kevin McGuire

    Thanks for listening, I'll jump into some discussions in the next few weeks as time allows.

    Kevin / playfulplans

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    Hi Kevin, welcome to the best forum on the web.



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      Welcome A Board!! You will be hard pressed to find a friendlier or more knowledgeable group on the net re: woodworking. Share your knowledge and do not hesitate to ask questions. The only dumb question is the one that remains unasked.

      You may find the stickies at the top of this forum to be very helpful. Use the Link below.

      Message Board FAQ, Suggestions and Feedback - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board.

      Take a few minutes to read through them. They are chock full of great information.

      Be sure and share pics of your projects. We thrive on pictures. You will find we are not a judgmental group.

      Whatever reason brought you to our forum we are pleased you found us.

      Take some time to read the bylaws of the forum. We do not allow open/direct selling on the forum.
      "Still Montana Mike"

      "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
      Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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        Thanks all.

        I just ordered an Ex16 and am looking forward to refining my talents (such as they are!).

        Will report back on my progress, I'm enjoying the forum and especially comments about Excalibers that should be real helpful when it arrives.


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          Kevin, Welcome aboard. I love your site. I like making toys. I love playing make that testing them. Looking forward to future post and chat's.

          May the wind at you back .....
          Not be from Lunch.

          Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive.

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            Hi Kevin - Welcome to the friendliest and most informative scroll saw site around. Like Rob (oily) I've also had a look at your site and I like what I see. It's really good to see simplistic looking but practical and well made toys still having an appeal. You have some great looking designs there and some are also very amusing. I especially like the bed bug and Fred the flounder.

            We have some good toy makers within our members and it'll be a real treat to have you join their ranks.

            Jim in Mexico

            Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
            - Albert Einstein


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              Grazie Jim aqpprezzo molto i tuoi commenti.

              My goal now is to update the downloadable sets of plans with working photos and of course add new projects. Highland Hardware in ATL features a plan in their monthly online newsletter.

              BTW my collection of classic and rare vintage wooden toys is threatening to crowd me out of my workspace. They're like very old friends who wink at me every time I walk in, saying... "Build me!" Or more accurately... "Reinterpret me for a new audience!"

              Thanks again, I'll check out your work- Kevin


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                welcome hope you enjoy the site as much as i do Ron


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