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  • very confused

    I am 73 and have been scrolling for years, love intarsia, belong to intarsia scrolling on yahoo but am having trouble understanding this site. There seems to be too much and I can't figure out how to participate effectively or even find things I want. I am working on the bear puzzzle that was published in Scrollsawing magazine by Kathy Wise and I loaned out my magazine to a friend, but I needed to look at the picture one more time and so I foolishly thought I could go to the internet and view the magazine again. But two days later I finally figured out the right username and password. What a pain. My woodworking shop is much more fun. Keep it simple stupid is definitely not the moto of this site. Love Laura

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    Don't give up! There are many helpful and knowledgeable people on this site, and once you master the "learning curve", you're sure to come away enriched.

    To simplify things, I keep a handwritten log of all my IDs and passwords. I also stay permanently logged in on this site, so I can easily post messages.

    I'm wondering if you expected to be able to access all the information from any issue of the magazine. Although some projects and patterns are available, it wouldn't make sense for the publisher to allow full access, since no one would then have a reason to buy the hard copy magazine.

    And if you do get jammed up, just post the difficulty you're having, and I'm sure that many members will jump in to help.

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      I agree with Carole,
      Lots of helpful friendly people here.
      I just did a quick search in the article index and did not find a Bear puzzle by anyone.
      Are you sure it was in Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts?
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        It's in a recent issue. Unfortunately, we're trying to get the article index updated, and the software is not cooperating.

        Best Regards,
        Bob Duncan
        Technical Editor


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          Hi Laura

          The article you are looking for is in Scroll Saw Workshop issue 44 Fall 2011.

          I sent you an PM.

          Don McFarland ​Member - Durham Woodworking Club


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