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Hi new to scrolling, not with woodworking though

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  • Hi new to scrolling, not with woodworking though

    I have been a hobby wood worker for about 10 years. My specialty is wood finishing (staining, dyes, and varnishing) but I am looking for new styles of wood working. I love the intricacy that scrolling seems to offer, and this will add another tool to my arsenal of working wood.

    I look forward to taking in the knowledge and skill that any are willing to share.

    Thank you all for your help, and if you have any questions about wood finishing I may be able to assist on several issues.


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    Welcome A Board!! You will be hard pressed to find a friendlier or more knowledgeable group on the net re: woodworking. Share your knowledge and do not hesitate to ask questions. The only dumb question is the one that remains unasked.

    You may find the stickies at the top of this forum to be very helpful. Use the Link below.

    Message Board FAQ, Suggestions and Feedback - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board.

    Take a few minutes to read through them. They are chock full of great information.

    Be sure and share pics of your projects. We thrive on pictures. You will find we are not a judgmental group.

    Whatever reason brought you to our forum we are pleased you found us.

    Take some time to read the bylaws of the forum. We do not allow open/direct selling on the forum.
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
    Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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      Kam -- Welcome!! Good to have you here. I too had some woodworking in my past before getting into scrolling. Your expertise in finishing will be much appreciated here. There is a section of the forum just for that. Check out "Wood Finishing And Painting" if you haven't found that section yet. Please feel free to ask any question you might have, as the good folks here are quite helpful.
      Mtnman Jim

      taking life as it comes and trying to make the best of it


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        Hi Kam - Welcome to the forum. As the other Jim has mentioned, your expertise - especially tips and guidelines will be very welcome on the forum since finishing questions regularly popup from forum members. In return you can expect to get loads of help and advice on scrolling from what is a very friendly, talented and communicative member base.

        Looking forward to your participation in the forum threads

        Jim in Mexico

        Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
        - Albert Einstein


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          Thanks everyone I look forward to the experience

          I look forward to sharing my experiences with anyone interested in listening, along with learning with others from their experiences. I see already that this group is very forgiving in errors learned, and will do my best to contribute in locations were I can, in an effort to try and benefit us all, for a positive growth in knowledge, as I am sure I will learn from others willing to share their wisdom with me; in an industry we all love.



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