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  • DW 788 alternative

    Hi, I have been using the DW 788 saws for about 10 years and was wondering whether there is another saw which is significantly better. Thanks.


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    Most of the 788 users are upgrading to the Excalibur Ex-21 but there are other saws out there also such as Hegner, Hawk, and the Eclipse it just depends on what features you want and how much your willing to spend.

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      Hi Tim, the features that I am looking for are easy, tool-less blade changes and for inside cuts and smooth operation. I have two DW 788's and both are showing their age with excessive vibrations.



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        I have a dw788 that i have been using for over 12 years. I had some issues due to age of the saw and have recently upgraded to the ex21, and have seen a significant difference between the 2 saws. Quieter, less front to back motion on the blade stroke which has allowed me to do even finer cuts on fretwork. If you can afford the price difference I'd say upgrade. One new issue for the current dw788 which we understand will be discontinued and replaced with the delta clone is that the tables are not always flat and true, and the blade insertion hole in the table may be off set a small amount. If you get another dw788 or the delta clone check the table at the store first.
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          I've had 2 DeWalts. First one lasted over 10 years and still works (Type 1) Unfortunately newer DeWalts are a crap shoot. I got 3 - 2nd ones and all were crap. It still works but isn't a pleasure to use. Just bought an Excalibur 30" at Christmas and so far have been very happy with it. I bought it based on other people's opinion and their happiness with it. It seems to be very well built - but haven't had it long enough yet to know for myself.


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            I used a DW 788 in a wood shop where we lived for a while. It was OK, and when I decided to get a saw of my own, I considered one. Because the EX-21 sitting next to it had the lovely feature of tilting the saw head instead of the table for bevel cuts, I decided on that one and I'm really glad I did. That's partly because of the number of complaints I've seen here about the Type 2 DeWalts, but mostly because after a couple of years of use the saw is vibration free as it can possibly get and continues on trouble free as well. I've been known to sit a cup of coffee on the saw table, forget it's there and start sawing. The coffee cup doesn't move.

            If you consider an Excalibur saw, by all means contact Ray Seymore at Seyco. His customer service is over the top and he knows more about the saw than anyone else on earth.



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