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    Hello, my name is Moreno, I' am a 37 "child" old from Italy. I' d like to became a scrollsawer. Now I search around the web some info. I am father of two little child (5 and 2 year old). I' m a firefighter in Vicenza, 100 km from Venice. Sorry for my bed english. I must learn scrollsaw and English

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    Hello Moreno. Welcome to the forum.

    It's my understanding that scrolling was very popular in Italy many years ago and that classic Italian fretwork patterns are highly regarded, even to this day. I know that a few years ago the (late) founder of our scroll saw club was working with someone in Italy to try & procure some of these wonderful old, 19th century Italian patterns. Is scrolling still popular there? What sources do you have for patterns in your country?
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      Hi Bill,
      I' m at the start of scrollsaw.
      In italy is most popular scrollsaw (traforo) but in the italian web there isn' t a lot of model. I' ve seen something in the christmas market, but i have not idea where find some model.
      sorry for my bed English


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        Welcome to the best scrollsaw information site,Don't be afraid to ask any questions,there is always ahelping hand here.
        You speak English better tan I can speak yours.
        Welcome and enjoy this sitie and Hobby


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          Your English is understandable and better than some natives inthe U.S. So keep it working on it.

          You will find that here at this site and in the Scroll Saw magazine that there are a whole bunch of talented people and they are all willing to help or find help for you. Please do not hesitate to ask.

          Welcome to the group.


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            Yes they are.
            I have the complete collection It sure saves me a lot of time trying to find a project....
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            Rodney, I will admit I'm in that group. The younger people are too busy with kids and getting a good foothold in careers to have time for hobbies. I know I didn't even start scrolling til my daughter went away to college. I've loved it ever since!
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            Thanks Linda. I have tried a wide (pun intended) verity of thicknesses. I cut a Mother's Day rose that was at least 1 1/2 inches thick. That's where I learned that I was doing too much pushing against the blade and not letting the blade and saw do the work. The thin strips between frets would cut through...
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            Hi Rodney! Nicely cut. I love the black backing especially.
            Your explanation for the thin 1/4" wood makes total sense when it comes to framing. I did a detailed Iwo Jima on 1/4" as well as 1/8" thick, both framed. The feedback I got from a 60-90 year old group of guys was the...
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