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    greetings from New England. Newbie to scroll saws, never used one yet, looking for my first one. Been making a puzzle stool for my daughter with a fret saw, would like to upgrade to a scroll saw, but can't yet decide which one. The Excalibur looks nice, but is it really worth the price or would some of the heavy duty delta's work just as well?!? I'm interested in inlay, puzzles, and maybe figure making.

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    I have had my Excaliber for at least 15 years and I wouldn't want anything else,I stated with a Delta, I also tried a DeWalt 788,but I prdfer the excaliber.


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      Welcome. An excalibur is a very nice machine indeed. It is expensive, is it worth it? Yes and No Would some of the heavy duty Delts work just as well? No.
      Sure the Excal. is quite a bit of money, but with that cost you get a scrollsaw that well made, user friendly,capable of doing everything youd ever want from a scrollsaw, and also, one of the few brands of scrollsaws that holds its value should you find you dont want it anymore.If there is a way you can afford to spend your money on an excalibur, you are making a wise investment. The new Delta (the Dewalt clone)would be a decent alternative to the excalibur, but you mentioned inlay work, and for that I think the Excaliburs are far superior for that application.
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Thanks all. Being a beginner, the big question I have is the throat depth. The Ex16, I can do with the cost, the 21 or 30 I'd have to wait, but I want to make sure either way I go it won't be in 3-4 years, "OH CRUD! I wish I had a longer throat!" So far I've been doing things with a hand saw with a 12" throat, it was about 1/2" too short for my largest project so far, so 16 sounds like it would work...but what type of work would require >16 or > 21" throat?


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