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scroll saw for beginner 12 yr old

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  • scroll saw for beginner 12 yr old

    I am a new member and I am looking for help in choosing a scroll saw for my 12 year old daughter. She has done some nice work on a lathe and made some beautiful projects. Unfortunately, we have since moved to a new country and city and we haven't been able to find a woodworking class for her. She would like to try some scroll saw projects at home. What are the basic tools she will need? Can anyone suggest a good beginner tool? I used to do woodworking when I was her age and loved it. I would like to get back into it as well. Any suggestions would be great. Kathleen

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    You mentioned moving to a new country. Where are you located?

    Welcome A Board!! You will be hard pressed to find a friendlier or more knowledgeable group on the net re: woodworking. Share your knowledge and do not hesitate to ask questions.

    You may find the stickies at the top of this forum to be very helpful. Use the Link below.

    Message Board FAQ, Suggestions and Feedback - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board.

    Take a few minutes to read through them. They are chock full of great information.

    Be sure and share pics of your projects. We thrive on pictures.

    The only dumb question is the one that remains unasked.

    Whatever reason brought you to our forum we are pleased you found us.

    Take some time to read the bylaws of the forum. We do not allow open/direct selling on the forum.
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      Hi Kathleen. First off, welcome aboard! Where are you located, as some saws are only avaible in certain areas. I would suggest a saw like the excalibur 16 inch if its available to you, and if you can afford it. It isnt a cheap saw, but it is very user friendly and high quality, and will hold its value very well.For scrollsawing, all one really needs to get started is a saw , some blades and some material to cut on, so its a perfect beginners hobby. The next tool you would need would be a drill and some small drillbits. A handheld drill will be fine, but a small drillpress would be better. With that, there is tons of stuff your daughter could make!
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        Hi and welcome to the forum! You'll be glad you joined! I don't think there is anything that you can't find an answer to. Everyone combined has the knowledge and info you will need to answered. Just reading the stickies and threads will answer a lot of questions you may have. Is there anything in particular your daughter wants to make to start off with?



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          A moderately priced (less then $500) pinless blade saw and a place to clamp or attach it to so vibration is not an issue. A small drill press with small drill bits and wire bits. And wood. Did I mention wood? You need some wood. I would suggest either pine or poplar to begin with as they are relatively soft and easy to cut. Walnut, sapele (a mahogany look-a-like) and cherry are also easy to cut but cherry likes to burn if you use a dull blade or cut too fast. Maple is beautiful but very hard and is probably not a good beginner wood.

          Enjoy your cutting time with your daughter.

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            Welcome Kathleen - I would go to a craftsman or Demel or these are just a couple of saw brands for beginners , but I would say try a variable speed saw for sure . In the beginning when a person starting out scrollsawing you never know weather or not you'll stick with it or not . I didn't know that I'd wear one out and just keep scrolling - but I did so I brought a top end saw . The library has some good patterns in the past also , and Steve Good's web site has some patterns she may like too . Make sure you have some good blades like the Flying Duchman blades - on-line brought . And a pin-less blade holder is the best way to go - and a tool-less blade change is the best .....hope I've helped you some two cents worth.....MB
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