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    Just stay with it and keep your head high - you'll get it done .For when I started I had no idea that it would become my main hobby either . I was and have made alot of bigger items until I finally started making the small crafts and them the whole thing blew up for me ............Good luck ............MB
    Usually busier than a cat in a sandbox !!!!!!!!!!! MB { Dewalt 788 only }


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      Welcome A Board!! You will be hard pressed to find a friendlier or more knowledgeable group on the net re: woodworking. Share your knowledge and do not hesitate to ask questions.

      You may find the stickies at the top of this forum to be very helpful. Use the Link below.

      Message Board FAQ, Suggestions and Feedback - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board.

      Take a few minutes to read through them. They are chock full of great information.

      Be sure and share pics of your projects. We thrive on pictures.

      The only dumb question is the one that remains unasked.

      Whatever reason brought you to our forum we are pleased you found us.

      Take some time to read the bylaws of the forum. We do not allow open/direct selling on the forum.
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        BTredway, sounds like your wife knows how to treat a man. Let us know what saw you have & blades, kind of wood you are using & don't let it get you down. Just keep on going & you will enjoy your hobby. Let us see what your gift looks like. We like to look at all the things others make. Just enjoy looking at them. Good Luck


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            Just think...if you would have started using that saw in 2006 when she REALLY wanted you to make her something with it, you wouldnt be rushing now to get this piece done!! I can say though, I am guilty too of getting a new tool and then things come up and I never get around to taking it out of the box ( my Guinivere sanding system is just one example), so I know where your coming from there.
            And heres one to mention to your wife... Dale wants a new Jet mini lathe since you mentioned "The wife loves tools. I have to be careful about my comments to her concerning tools, or the next Birthday/Christmas/etc..... There it is. " Mybe she will buy me some new tools!!!
            Welcome aboard !
            Dale w/ yella saws


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              Reply to Work in Progress. What is with FOX publishing?
              by keystonecop
              The original pattern was 7 1/2 x 13 1/4.. The book has no mention of resizing on all but one page. My guess the magazine and the book side of fox has no one who scrolls.. the last books have shown that. enlarged I had to use a #1 blade for many cuts. If I had just copied the pattern in its silver...
              Today, 12:09 PM
            • will8989
              Reply to Work in Progress. What is with FOX publishing?
              by will8989
              I think he is talking about the size of the patterns lately and extra steps needed to copy and resize them. It took me an hour to copy the fish from the latest issue with all the folding, cutting to match, tape, repeat. If it had been letter or legal size, I could have copied and resize with less hassle....
              Today, 11:55 AM
            • millwab
              Reply to Peanuts #1
              by millwab
              IDK? I remember that Ben sold Pegas blades, but the label on this package just says "Ben's Blades, Ultra Thin Puzzle Blade". When Denny started selling Pegas blades I asked him and he told me Pegas doesn't sell a specific "puzzle" blade. The 2/0 might be their answer....
              Today, 11:29 AM
            • will8989
              Reply to What is it?
              by will8989
              No, but I like that guess. It’s very useful and my niece wants one.
              Today, 09:52 AM
            • Rolf
              Reply to YoraHome Laser w/CNC Engraver/Router
              by Rolf
              Tim, do you have a picture?
              Today, 09:30 AM