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Help in Atlanta please!

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  • Help in Atlanta please!

    Hi Scrollsaw members........I just signed on to this blog about 10 minutes ago. I very much want to buy a scroll saw as I've been buying MDF items online from 'other companies' because I can't invest in my own scroll saw right now. Here's my question......and I hope it's getting out there as I've never used this website/blog before. I am looking for someone in the Atlanta area to make my MDF numbers for me that I in turn mosaic for my business......."Wise Crackin' Mosaics" and then resell on my Etsy website and in Gallery 35 in Alpharetta. It's not in the budget right now for me to buy my own scroll saw and learn how to use it (although I have a does NOT do the same thing, obviously). The store that I used to buy my numbers from doesn't carry them anymore, so I've been buying straight from the company. Now here's the kicker $$$$$.......they charge almost as much for shipping & handling as they do for the numbers I order!!! It's insane!!! So I'd like to know if there is some one in theAtlanta area (I live in Marietta) that I could pay to make these numbers for me so I wouldn't have to pay ridiculous shipping & handling fees???? They are 7" tall, approximately 5" wide and 3/4" thick. Thanks very much in advance and I hope I'm in the right place to be asking for your help!! I hope I hear from someone soon as the busy season for selling my mosaics is upon me! Thanks again! Feel free to check out the numbers I'm talking about on my website: Stained Glass & Mixed Media Mosaics by WiseCrackinMosaics on Etsy

    Tina in Marietta, GA

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    Tina, I sent you a PM
    Don R
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      Hello Tina, I visited your website and you sure make some great stuff! Really hope someone will help you out on this! I live in Belgium so that's not an option....

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        Nice site Tina, you have some lovely stuff.

        Good Luck
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          Tina you have some amazing items on your site , I can see you getting a lot of lookers and business......
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