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  • Hello. Carver, too.

    Hi all. I've lurked a bit on this site for a while, but participated more in the Woodcarving forums. It often occurs to me, though, that I do a lot more scroll-saw work than a lot of carvers like to do. SO, I figured maybe I should share a bit over here, too. I am pretty much stuck on Welsh lovespoons, but I also often do a bit more fretwork than is traditional. I am not that good at sawing, but I keep doing it anyway. Here are a few examples. Any tips, feedback or critique is welcome.
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    You better stop lurking and keep this quality coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May the wind at you back .....
    Not be from Lunch.

    Don't take life too seriously; No one gets out alive.

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      Beautiful work! and welcome out of lurkdom....


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        Those are absolutely gorgeous! They are intricate and delicate, and I can only imagine the skill and patience they require. Maybe you could take some process photos so we could see how you do it? I can't recall seeing any spoons nearly as interesting and well-executed as yours.

        Thanks for posting!

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          Those are georgous lBlake ! ! !
          You have certainly found your niche!
          How long does it take you to do some of those?
          What kind of woods? Stain? Finish?
          I 'd love to see more, and like Carole says, maybe some of the steps or work in progress.


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            Thank you all very much!
            The ones above are more complicated than most that I do, but figured they'd be more interesting to you all because they have more scroll work. They each have around 2 hours of sawing, but between about 40 and 60 hours each, to complete.
            I probably mostly use cherry, walnut and mahogany, but I try lots of other things, too. The ones above, from left to right, are cherry, cherry, English yew, walnut, and an awful, stringy piece of mahogany.
            As far as finishing goes, I sand to a very high grit, then finish with clear danish oil and beeswax.

            I don't normally take pictures until I'm done, but sure - I'll try to take some pictures through the process.
            Thanks, again!
            "Beauty will save the world"


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