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Newbie puzzle maker questions

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  • Newbie puzzle maker questions

    Hi, I've been thinking about scroll saw puzzle making for a while and recently bit the bullet and jumped in. Reckoned that home-made puzzles will make excellent (value!) presents using old calendars etc. It all seemed a bit daunting but finally found this site with very helpful posts and vids - thanks guys

    Not sure if machines available here in UK are the same as the states, but i've gone for Scheppach Decoflex variable speed saw, FD puzzle blades (+ unexpected import tax ), 3M spray mount, 6mm birch laser-grade ply and old calendars.

    First project underway, all going very well - still have 10 fingers! Will post pics in the puzzle forum shortly. Couple of questions though:
    1. What tension should the blade be? How do I know if it is too tight/loose?
    2. What speed should I run at? Does it depend on wood type & thickness?
    3. If FD blades are made in Germany, how come they are not available in UK or even Europe?

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    Welcome to the forum and our little piece of the internet.
    1. When you pluck the blade like a guitar string it should ping not go plunk. Less than 1/8" sideways movement. If you cut a circle in a scrap piece of wood you should be able to remove the cut out from either side of the board.

    2. The speed is a matter of personal comfort and material cutting. you will find your won comfort zone rather quickly and do not be afraid to speed up or slow down, your project will dictate to you just listen.

    3. Ask Mike Moorlach at, he is better suited to answer that question.

    Looking forward to your pics.
    "Still Montana Mike"

    "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
    Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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      Looking forward to seeing your work!
      Shawn Ferguson

      Come visit at The Ferguson Puzzle Company !


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