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    Ok, I don't actually use a scroll saw yet, I use a dremel, and I don't use wood I use deer and elk antlers. I would like to try the scroll saw I love power tools. I am currently dremeling eagle heads to use for knife hilts, I saw quite a few of these when I went to Sturgis this year and some were really awesome,

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    Welcome to the site and forum. Good luck on finding your scroll saw. Try some out if possible to see which model or make you like best, or can afford. There are differences in them and also price ranges. Good luck and welcome.


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      Welcome A Board!! You will be hard pressed to find a friendlier or more knowledgeable group on the net re: woodworking. Share your knowledge and do not hesitate to ask questions.

      You may find the stickies at the top of this forum to be very helpful. Use the Link below.

      Message Board FAQ, Suggestions and Feedback - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message Board.

      Take a few minutes to read through them. They are chock full of great information.

      Be sure and share pics of your projects. We thrive on pictures.

      The only dumb question is the one that remains unasked.

      Whatever reason brought you to our forum we are pleased you found us.
      "Still Montana Mike"

      "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
      Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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        kdolphin, I am working on a Moose Antler right now & it is time consuming. I use a Dremel rotary tool too. I tried cutting some of the larger area's around a Moose head with the scrollsaw, but, it is curved too much to lay flat on the saw table. I had to drill holes & do a sort of dot-to-dot pattern, so I could turn it over on the flatter side to cut the area's out. I have a question about what to use, to polish the finished antler when I am done with it? Do you have a procedure for that? Sounds like you are all ready to jump into scrolling. It's fun, so read all of the info you can & when you get a saw, practice on some scrap wood. Good Luck.


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          Welcome to the forums, you will get great advise and information here.


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            I am looking to buy a new scrollsaw, I left mine in Texas with a friend that does the same stuff that I do, so it went to a good home. As far as polishing goes, I have been using the polishing cream that came with my dremel. It works pretty well, My husband does a lot of body work so we are going to try out some different polishes, will let you know which works best.


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