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    hello to all the wonderful scroller and the like, ol' big red has come back to this great site and lookimg forward to getting to know you all, help if i can ,and ask plenty of advise from the wealth of knowledge i know is here I;m in Ocala fl., originallyfrom south of kansas city and love most woodcrafts still have old photos and ready to add more

    good to be back

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    Welcome back. Nice to see you came back where you belong. We all are looking forward to seeing some pics of your work.


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      Welcome back Red.

      I live down in Lakeland.



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        Welcome home.
        "Still Montana Mike"

        "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
        Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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          Welcome back.


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            Welcome back Big Red.

            A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

            delta 650, hawk G426


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              Welcome bigred. Where have you been & how long has it been? Been through Ocala a couple of times & Kansas City too. Hope you get right into the site & let us see what you have done. What saw do you use? Good Luck


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                just followin the path lifes givin and doin what needs to be done ya'll know how that is its been a bit over a year and now blades are sharp and i'm tryin to sharpen up too. using my old faithful ryobi for now here's somthin i did learn recently when havin work done on thoust power pole unplugeth thine saw or thy circuit board on your favorite delta shall melteth!!! no fear though ordered the new board last week so all is well. been great chattin but must get dusty to all my brother and sister scrollers remembe" dont matter what track your on if your sittin down your gonna get run over"willput my latest project, a cornacopia, on in the next day or so and im learnin to do bowls and boxes cause I've seen how good ya'll arbest to all anything i can do give a hollar bigred ps george maybe we can meet up sometime


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