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  • Hey Scrollmasters!

    Been scrolling for too long I think.

    Is 15 years of running one alomost every day, too long??

    I've cut everything that blades can cut from wood to glass to stone to plastic and ceramic.

    I never thought to look up anything about scrolling online, but here I am and can offer help to anyone who is working in thicknesses thicker than a half inch.

    My favorite is three quarter inch - just thick enough to get my big ole fingers on real good.

    Anyway, Hey everybody!! BladeDancer
    Never seen a blade that wouldn't dance!!

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    Hay Blade dancer. welcome welcome, you are just the guy i wont to talk to. my son , just yesterday. wonts me to cut him something out of glass. I sure could use your help hear. first what blade do you use. and do you need a resavore. also . does the glass cut your finguers while cutting and where do the shavings go. if any. boy , I am so glad you are hear. I also what to start cutting mettale. I have a million questions. again welcome. Evie


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      Welcome aboard BladeDancer!! Glad you've found us, 15 years of daily scrolling!! I'm sure you have plenty to share!
      What kind of saw do you use/own? And we all love to see pictures of our members projects, hopefully you have a few you can post!

      I look forward to hearing more from you!

      DeWalt 788

      aut viam inveniam aut faciam

      God gives us only what we can handle.. Apparently God thinks I am one tough cookie.....


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        Howdy and welcome BladeDancer

        like your name.......
        if i copied your format mine would be BladeBentAgain...
        Pete Ripaldi

        "Insert Clever Tag Line Here..."


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          Minowevie, glass is a tricky thing depending on the thickness.

          Assuming your cutting just a regular ole clear pane of glass, a 2/0 blade should do the trick nicely. I always have a cup of water handy so I can put a drop or two on the cut, to cool the blade, if needed. Most times the dust air hose provides enough air to cool the blade.

          Make sure your hold down is pretty snug and just let the blade do the work.

          Cutting glass has about the same feel to me as cutting real hard wood.
          Just take it slow, and the cut will come out OK!

          Ozarkbilly, - I've run RBI/Hawk saws the whole 15+ except for one little 6 month stint on a tabletop Delta.

          I mostly cut cedar, cutting letters, numbers, and names. So when I get rolling with a good blade, I can cut 120 to 150 letters an hour.

          Pete00 - thats a good one!! I can't wait until someone invents a rigid blade that won't bend in a #5 size!!
          Last edited by BladeDancer; 08-07-2006, 05:44 PM.
          Never seen a blade that wouldn't dance!!


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            Ha He. Pete your so funny. just listening. Evie


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              Blade Dancer, are you kidding. a 2/0 blade, thats all. wow. is that in a 1/8 thick glass. how many teeth per inch. and it don't hurt the saw tabale? I will have to try this. but don't wont to start with out all the impho. do i have to worry about cutting myself? also. can i cut a bevale cut. i have a old old mirror. pinck in color. and would love to cut it up for some of my old italion patters. the only thing is . its like a 1/4 inch, or more. can't be sure. have to go mesure. Ok , I said mirror. can i cut that? Im excited now. boy this is great. I will just were you out asking quistions now. so glad you are here. thanks. Evie


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                Yeah Evie, a 2/0 blade or maybe the next size up. You want a blade with the least aggresive teeth on a rigid cut, otherwise the blade will just chip at the glass. Everytime I cut glass, I make sure its pretty tough to move it under the hold down guide bacause I don't want the blade to bang it around at all

                I usually turn the variable speed down pretty slow starting the cut, because I don't want the blade teeth to chip at the glass. Once a good edge cut is made, I turn up the blade speed to continue on. I've always had good luck on glass using water as a cooling agent and lubricator. If you use some water to try it out, make sure it doesn't have the possiblity of contacting anything electrical, or you'll have a shocking experience--believe me - I know

                Cutting glass is an experience thing, since there are many types of glass. About all I've ever cut is quarter inch or thinner.
                Everything thicker than a quarter inch is better cut on a laser or plasma cutter.

                Never seen a blade that wouldn't dance!!


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                  Blade Dancer. Ok got it. you say start the blade slow, to create a starting mark, grove. mmmm i wonder, can i file a start point??? or maybe that would be to wide.mmm this is great. thanks. i think i will start with the impho you have given me. and see what happens. NO WATER on electric stuff got it. just a drop. Im still curious. isn't there some kind of debree, like in wood there is saw dust. isn't there something with glass? do i have to worry about breathing it or anything? or getting cut? then how do i take car of the cut edges. do i sand it somehow? I know lots of quistions just don't wont to mess up my saw. or my fragile little girly hands. Right. giggle. more like leather.. LOL. thanks your new friend Evie

                  O ya Edit, or ideat here,, also you say least aggresive teeth. so this means like 22teeth per inch or more. and no revears right. ok done.
                  Last edited by minowevie; 08-07-2006, 06:30 PM.


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                    yep your right, I'm crazy. don't need a straight jakit yet , but you can give me my sign. Evie


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                      You got it. I would advise wearing a mask cutting glass as its dust particles are akin to fiberglass insulation - not very good for your lungs!!

                      On finished edges, you'd wet sand with wetsand paper to the desired bevel or however you want the finished edge to look or feel

                      I'm not the model of health regarding scrollsaws, having sawed mostly cedar and other woods without using a mask for a long time. I just run a fan blowing across the sawing table, away from me, in a garage that has an open outside door.

                      I've probably breathed more than my fair share of sawdust, but I'm none the worse for wear seeing how these 100's of thousands of automobiles run around here every day making it hard on everyone too!!

                      We don't have no trouble with bugs around here cutting cedar all the time--wonder why?? haha!!

                      Never seen a blade that wouldn't dance!!


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                        Blade dancer, I did think a mask would be a good thing. is there one you would recamend. I know alot of them don't do much of a job. and on glass woooooo. just wondering. what do you mean about the bug thing. ??? thanks for all your imput. you just got here. and see what you have done. I am sure you can help alot of us newbies. some of us like to think we can saw someting. but realy dont know spit about anything else. me for one. just love the looks of fretwork. and , i love learning . I love tools, and wish to know it all. some times i try to look like i do. but for real. all i know. is well I do know how to plug this darn thing in. ark ark. and i am learning how to spell too. but wont be too quick about it. thanks for all you are doing . your new friend Evie


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                          Welcome to the group BladeDancer :-)

                          "Everything Happens for a Reason"
                          Craftsman 18in. 21609



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                            Hi BladeDancer I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has been scrolling for some time. I have used an RBI Hawk in the past. And tried others and I have decided my favorite saw is the DeWalt 788. I have recently relocated to Kentucky and couldn't take my saw. So now I have to build my shop from the ground up. Life sometimes throws us some nasty punches, but thank goodness I know how to duck. Plus I can take my love of woodworking anywhere. So welcome.


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