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  • Chip Carving Knives

    I am a beginng carver, and am primarily interested in Chip Carving. In my research on the internet I see that there are two primary knife names for this type of carving, Moor and Barton. I don't want to buy knives that are not going to do chip carving well, and am willing to pay a higher price if there is a definite advantage to the higher priced knives. Would those of you who are familiar with the two brands be willing to share your experiences with the Dennis Moor Chip knives, and the Wayne Barton older model, and the Wayne Barton new model, with a biginner carver with large hands?. Concerned with both the cutting quality as well as the fit in the hand. All help would be greatly appreciated. Have a carving show in my area this week end, and would like to pick up the knives there.

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    Re: Chip Carving Knives

    I have Barton's cheap set, I began with, and it is ok, I learned how with it! But later, bought a flexcut , the small expensive Barton and ended up with the Moor.....In my opinion the Moor is top!! I haven't seen Dennis Moors books, so can't say, but Bartons books are great....but you have to do just as he says, clumsy or not....after awhile it falls into long winded version of, Moor Knives, Barton books....imho :


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      Re: Chip Carving Knives

      Ditto on the Moor knives. If you only buy one, get the larger of the two. The introductory book is also good. If you are more visual, their videos (especially the first one) is a good intro (kind of like going to a class).

      You definetely need some way to keep them sharp. The Moor stones and strop are first class. Sharpening is covered in both the video and book.



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        Re: Chip Carving Knives

        Thanks for the responses. This is the type of information that I was looking for, based upon experience with the knives. Hopefully I can buy my knives once, and be satisfied with them. Steve, I am planning on buying set of ceramic stones for sharpening. Will check on the Moore stones at the show. Already have a strop and compound that I use on a flexcut carving knive. Thanks again. Dick


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          Re: Chip Carving Knives

          I have gone to the 'scary sharp' method..and I like it, quick and simple, just increasingly finer sheets of sandpaper... I think the if not do a google search of scary sharp


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            Re: Chip Carving Knives

            I took Moor's chip carving seminar in our carving class. He sold the knives and taught us how to use and sharpen them. They are very good knives and work well. I see Moor's have a newer version of their knives, with a different shape to the handle. They claim the handle shape helps to keep the cutting angle correct. I don't use my smaller knife much, but the set was about $40, so it wasn't much to spend for the three.


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              Re: Chip Carving Knives

              I have tried several chip knives and like the Moore the best. It is angled just right, and fits my hand perfect. I also have their books and videos and they are great as well. The Moore family is great to work with and have a strong customer service attitude.


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                Re: Chip Carving Knives

                I just saw a picture of the new handles, look like a plastic of some sort...I did like the longer handle on the small chip knife, that knife is nice for fine detail, but I have the Barton and the handle is just too small for my hand. That 3 knife set is probably a real bargain if they have the same steel as the original moor!


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                  Re: Chip Carving Knives

                  I like the Barton knife. I bought the flex cut knife first and hated the way it fit my hand (which is strange because I love all my other flex cut tools).

                  Dave Lyons makes a wonderful chip carving knife, but you have to special order them. IMHO, you can't go wrong with a Lyons knife.


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