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    Can someone tell me where I would look to find a scroll saw pattern for at Nativity Scene Candle Holder? I am new at this. Thanks

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    do you mean a candle holder for a nativity scene? or a candle holder with the nativity scene scrolled into it? I have never seen one like that. I have several patterns for nativity scenes but not for a candle holder. I'll keep checking to see if you get one, it sounds interesting to me! AND WELCOME!! We are a great bunch in here. Are you new at this hobby? What kind of saw do you have? Details, we want details!


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      welcome to the site. I think you will find many many helpful hints here. This is a great site for scrollers. Sorry I do not have the answer to your question either, but will do some looking Toby


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        Welcome aboard. I picked up a great pattern from
        It was offered free for a short period of time. I am not sure what it retails for but check out the site.
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          Nativity Candle holder

          There is a German designer, Volker Arnold, He has a variety of designs like this.
          Tom Sevy, a frequent contributer to this magazine, is the US rep for Volker.
          If the attachment does not come through then I will post the picture in the gallery under fretwork.
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            I have been looking for a pattern, that I seen in one of my magazines. BUT just can't find it. maybe someone can help me. it was of a nectivity seen that tured. with a fan blade at the top. that was turned buy a candale. in the middale of the work. the heat of the candale tured the fan on top by heat. which in turn , turned the seen. I was just wondering if that is what you was looking for. Ill keep looking ok. your friend Evie


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              do you remember which magazine it was in evie ?
              will keep a look out for one like that

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                The nativity pyramid you are refering to is here I think : Issue 21 - Holiday 2005 -
                click on past feature articals over there <<< then look for that issue I mentioned up there ^^ . Dale
                Dale w/ yella saws


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