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    Hi Everyone,

    Just want to say I just started my dream of cutting out wood. If there any tips or help on finding some free cool patterns to learn on that would be great. I would really love to do some sports cut outs. My kids are all involved in them and they would love to have some in their rooms.
    If anyone can help???

    [email protected]

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    Hi Misty,
    You've got email!

    "All it Takes For the Forces of EVIL to Rule Is For Enough GOOD People To DO NOTHING!"

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      Welcome Misty. just hang around. youll get lots of ideas. and web sights to go looky loo at. glad you are here , your new friend Evie


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        Welcome Misty. There are heaps of free patterns online, and dont forget the ones that arent free, the few dollars spent on a pattern are worth it when you see the appreciation someone gets from seeing the art youve created, and it helps keep the designers and the companies that do so much for our hobby in business.Links to many pattern locations are all over throughout this great site. If you dont find enough by browsing the messages here, try the link to "other great sites" on the left side of the screen. Good luck, and happy scrollsawing. dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          My favorite source of "free" patterns is the scrollsaw magazines. I figure I get to read the magazine, and the patterns are free! Scroll Saw Workshop is the best one, but look around and you will find another (unmentionable here) that is not as good, but still has a lot of patterns. I find that I try some patterns I never thought I would even like, just because they are there. And. if I like them enough, I can buy patterns/books from that pattern maker.
          Hope this helps.
          Be sure to let us know how you are doing - and be prepared to have a lot of fun (or phun). (Sorry, Carter)


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