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  • hello from chicago

    New to scrolling and have already learned a lot just from reading the posts.
    I've been woodworking for a few years but have never scrolled.It appealed to me as a fun activity which does'nt require all the set up involved with other forms of the wood sports?
    I recieved a Delta SS350 from the wife as a gift after a few well placed hints.This saw was chosen as an affordable entry level tool . From what I have read so far in the forums, it seems to have been a right choice. Hope to learn from the many experts on this board.
    Thanks Hank

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    Welcome ank, There are many scrollers in the chicago area, and a pretty decent scrolling club as well. Im just north of you, in Racine county. You are going to get addicted to this hobby! Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      Welcome Hank!
      You've got a good saw - now get some good blades (one recommendation is Flying Dutchman blades from Mike M -he posts here as 3M), and get a copy of Scroll Saw Workbook by John Nelson. He guides you through scrolling, introducing new terms and techniques gradually with ever more challenging projects while he gives you tips for success - really a great book. You can get it through this web-site (Fox Chapel), from your favorite bookseller, or even borrow it from a good library (but this is one you will want to own).
      Let us know what you're doing and how we can help, and come back often for a chat.


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        HI Hank. ,, Welcome from me too.... Nice Wife ,, Nice wife. looks like you have been looking for a while. and wonted this saw. how cool. your Wife listoned to ya. now you can get going on the things she would like you to cut for her. hahahah. or is it,, you wonted to cut some things for your self. no matter. now your here. and you can get going. ask anything. if we can help . ask away. we will share are good stuff, as well as are mistakes. hahah , glad your here. your new friend Evie


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