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  • Hello! from SE Ohio!

    Hey guys,

    I've been reading the board for some time now and I want to thank you ahead of time for tons of advice and tips that I've garnered here. Thanks to you guys, I bought a scroll saw knowing nothing except what I learned here and started working with it. However, I haven't done much because I hated the saw I purchased (a Dremel 1800) and I took it back a month later. Too much vibration, problems with keeping the blades in place, plus knowing that there were better saws out there, made me perhaps a bit impatient with the Dremel. After the Dremel experience I put my pennies away to get a really nice saw and the Hawks are on sale until March 15, so I'm looking at a the newer G4 (all their saws are about the same price). I know that everyone has their favorites, but for a gal who has almost no experience sawing and not much more patience for things that don't work as hyped, would this saw be worth the expense? I guess my real question is: do the Hawks live up to the rep? I notice that 6 of you have a Hawk so I know at least 6 of you who like them!

    Secondly, my dad passed a while ago, but I'm just now REALLY looking at his tools in his shop. He has an old Dremel scroll saw, a model 57-2, that I'd like to put back into useage. This saw is maybe 40 years old...I'm not really sure. No variable speed or anything nifty, just a nice up/down motion. Can you believe it still works? Anyway, I need blades for the thing - the one in it is rusty (although technically it still works, I guess). These blades are pinned and only 3" long. I've emailed Dremel twice, but both times it failed to get through.

    Lastly, thanks again for all the tidbits of advice, the recommended books to buy, the hints on cutting multiple pieces...just all of it! Now I just have to get a saw that won't make me want to throw it through the window and I'm ready to run!

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    Welcome! As for that old dremel saw, of course it still works! Things were built to last back then! By all means get it running nice, its a nice antique piece.Try for blades, I think they had the 3 inch ones in the past.
    I havent got a hawk, but I havent ever heard anyone complain about the hawks either. To me it looks like a great saw, it is very smooth running, and well machined.I think they are the only saw manufacturer that designs a stand to accomodate a wheelchair, a huge plus for them I think, not many companies think of things like that. The only thing about it, is the cost. Its a great machine no doubt. Im sure Hawk owners will tell you if its worth the cost.
    Im sorry to hear of the passing of your father, but with you taking up scrollsawing, his legacy will live on! I also am sorry to hear about your unsatisfaction with your new Dremel saw.I have heard a lot of good talk about the new Dremel, perhaps you had a bad one, but either way,Im glad you are sticking with the hobby, and doing all this research. Keep us informed on how that old dremel purrs!!! and the new saw too, once you get it! Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      , Sir!


      Thanks so much for the link. Somehow I had never picked up that particular link from reading the board. They do have the blades and I'm ordering them as soon as I finish this message.

      I am so jazzed! As long as my dad's tools are still working I sort of feel like he's still close by.

      Now, off to the phone!



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        Welcome aboard Rebecca. I'm sure you will enjoy the forum. BTW, where are you in SE Ohio. I once lived in a town there called Gallipolis. Still have a lot of friends there from my high school days. Hope to see you around the board often!!
        If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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          Let me add my welcome. I have a Hawk 26" and I could do no better. It has given me absolutely no problems. It is everything I need. It has a good dust blower, the blade tensioning is foolproof (I needed that) and it has never gotten out of alignment (the blades I mean). I have cut everything from birch ply to burl castles on the thing (check out my gallery) and it has done the job. The other better saws are of equal quality--Exaliber, Hegner, DeWalt, etc--but I am happy with my Hawk. I have heard that some folks have had trouble with getting service after buying an RBI, but I haven't experienced that. Whatever/whichever you buy, be sure to participate in the forum. Look forward to talking to you as you get started and progress.
          Old Mooner


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            Welcome to the group. I understand what you mean about your dad being there when you use his tools - I have the same sort of feeling when I use my dad's art supplies - he was a watercolorist.
            I got an RBI Hawk (20")for Christmas 2004 - I had previously had a dremel variable speed, and then a Delta - they were both adequate, but the Hawk is a dream to use. Unless I ever want to do really big stuff, I can't imagine ever having another saw. The blade changes are a snap, the tensioning is super-easy, and the whole thing seems ergonomically near-perfect. It is so steady that occasionally I have sawn with a can of pop on the back of the table (not on purpose!) and it hasn't even vibrated it enough to slosh the pop around. In short, I love it!! Other of the high-end saws are probably just as good - you can get some firm opinions around here - but I'd guess you will have a good experience if you choose the RBI. Unfortunately , I don't know anyone with the new G4 - but I did hear that the first ones had some problems. Since they have been around for over a year now, I would expect that RBI would have the problems pretty much under control by now.
            Oh, one other advantage of the RBI that was important to me - it accepts wood up to about 2 5/8" and that extra little bit is sure helpful to me when I am cutting out carving blanks. It may not be all that useful for regular scrolling, except for some of the compound cutting (ala Dianna Thompson).
            I hope you subscribe to SSW so that you can see all the variety of projects available to you.
            Let us know what saw you choose, and what you are cutting with it - We are eager to hear about your progress!


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              Thanks for the Warm Welcome, Guys!

              Neal: I've lived in a lot of different places, but for now, I'm back home in [I]Gallipolis[I] where I was born and raised. Small world, eh?

              Mooner: I've read before how happy you are with your Hawk and you're the reason I sent for their info to begin with. Thanks!

              Sandy: Thanks for the heads-up on the past problems of the G-4. I just bopped over to their website to look for a comparative chart to see what advantages there would be to buying the G-4 and I'm not seeing one. I really like the table-forward feature, but other than that, I'm old school enough to believe "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". There certainly isn't any price difference between the 20" and the G-4 and no difference at all between that and the 26". We'll see. I'll call and ask about the previous problems before I buy anything.

              My first project isn't intricate or complex, so as soon as I get my new 3" blades I'm going to see what I can crank out on my dad's saw - this project is supposed to look antique anyway, so if it's a little rough that wouldn't be an awful thing!

              Have a great rest-of-your-weekend, guys!


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                HI Rebecca. your dad would be proud. Im sure He wouldn't take a fence if you did what you would like on his saw. Im sure he would just be proud of you. ,,, I would even bet,,,,,,,, if he new you was interested. he would have taut you what he new. but he is wathching. so do your best. and if you need any help with anything. we are here for you. Welcome , and you go girl. your new friend,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Evie


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                  just wanted to say hi from SW Ohio. North of Cinn. We just started a SAW chapter in Sidney. Wish you lived closer. I have a DeWalt. works fine for me. practice practice practice.


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                    Hi Rebecca,

                    Welcome from one newbie to another.

                    People here are friendly, as you are already aware, and genuinely want to help.

                    Enjoy your stay, and feel free to chat.

                    DW788. -Have fun in the shop or it isn't a hobby anymore.

                    NOTE: No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.


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