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Hello from Washington (for now!)

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  • Hello from Washington (for now!)

    We are currently living in Washington state. We're native New Englanders but have lived all over. Last place was Texas and the next place hopefully will be New Mexico.

    Hubby is the main scroller in the family but I have been dabbling in it. I'm primarily a pyrographer but I'm trying to expand my horizons.

    Nedra Denison

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    Wellcome, Nedra!
    You've come to the right place to expand those horizons. Pyrography always welcome, too. I think that pyro and scrolling should be used together more often.
    Ask some questions, or just read what others are doing for awhile - you will find nearly everything here,
    Again, Welcome.


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      I always wanted to warm up to pyrography.
      Welcome to the site, I am sure the information exchange will be welcome both ways.
      "proud member of the best scroll sawing forum on the net."
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        Thanks for the welcome. Actually Sandy last year I was invited to do a seminar at a scrollsaw show in Portland, OR. In exchange for the seminar they gave us free vendor space. I honestly didn't think there would be much interest but it was standing room only...over 200 people. This year they have asked me to do a class before the show. So, I guess people are more interested than I thought in pyrography, not just by itself but used in conjunction with scrollsawing. I saw some beautiful pieces at the show and several had already attempted to use burning on their projects.

        BTW do you have shelites????

        CS, guess your just going to have to get burned!

        Nedra Denison


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          Hi Nedra!
          Nice to see you over here too <grin>



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            Hi Bob, What a surprise to see you here too....

            As I said trying to broaden my horizons. I got interested in the scroll saw 12 years ago when we were at a home show and RBI was there. Hubby was slick...he let me try it so I got hooked and said "oh gosh we have to buy this". Smart guy. I've done some things on it but I'm not very good and don't have the patience for it like he does. BUT if my retirement finally comes through I need to find other things to do so I don't get burned out with my pyrography! Afterall with all those toys out in the shop it's time I started getting some use out of them too.

            Nedra Denison


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              We can't wait to see what you come up with!!!


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                me too. I'm attaching one of the pieces I did when I was playing with the scroll saw. Nothing great but it was an accomplishment for me.

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                Nedra Denison


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                  Looks great to me Nedra! welcome. dale
                  Dale w/ yella saws


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                    Welcome to the forum Nedra. It's been a little damp out your way for what I'm seeing on the weather channel. Don't know if you've seen it yet but there is a great article on woodburning in the fall issue of SSW magazine by Sue Walters. That is one talented lady!!! Glad to see you here as I've been considering incorporating wood burning into some of my segmented portraits. I haven't quite figured out how to make the burning and stain work together yet so maybe I can learn a trick or two from you. I know you will enjoy the folks here and if you have any questions about scrolling this is the place to be!!!!
                    If it don't fit, don't force it....get a bigger hammer!!


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                      Hi Neal, unfortunately I don't get SSW magazine so I didn't see the article but I know Sue and yes she is a very talented lady. Fox Chapel has had her do an article in Woodcarving Illustrated also.

                      One thing I will mention when you get into the burning aspect of your project is to be sure you only burn on bare wood, not after you stain it.

                      Nedra Denison


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                        That's something you've got to fix as soon as possible (not getting SSW). You'll find it chock - full of great ideas!
                        Yes, I have a sheltie (have had at least one , and often many more, continuously since 1965), and just adopted a sheltie X (X= traveling salesman, I think) 3 weeks ago. They're good scrolling/carving/pyro companions - and not TOO critical, either.


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                          Welcome Nedra,
                          I am looking foreward to your scrolling as I have seen your woodburnings
                          when I took a class from you in Frederichburgh Tx.They are beautiful.
                          Delta P-20


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                            Hi Bill and thank you but belive me my scroll sawing will never be as good as my burning!

                            Sandy, we currently have two sheltie pups...soon to be 1 year old this month. One on Valentines Day and one on the 24th. Yes, they are my best supporters. They love my work and are never critical of what I do.

                            Neal, it was raining here for 35 straight days. We broke the 1953 record of 33 days. I'm ready for sunshine....especially after the heavy rains and 60 mph winds over the weekend! I'm developing webbed feet.....time to move south again!

                            Nedra Denison


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                              Hi Nedra. Great to have you on board. I believe their has to be a lot of scope to combine pyrography with scrolling. I done a little piece lately and realised how much I have to learn but i'll sure be interested to see what you come up with. Definetly reccomend you checking out SSW!
                              Cheers. Teresa .


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