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  • Howdy from Texas!

    Howdy! I'm a new scroller, and new here, but olddddd to computers. I was a geek before they had the word!

    I'm looking forward to learning a lot here. I didn't start out knowing much, but I do so love all that delicate work the scroll saw is capable of.

    I received my scroll saw for Christmas. A Dremel 1680. It's gorgeous!
    My husband is being very supportive, and bought me a Delta sander for my birthday this month too. My head is exploding with ideas. Now if only I can afford the wood I want!

    Thanks for listening,

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    Welcome to the forum Brenda. We have quite a few Texans in our scrolling comunity here so you should feel right at home. I'm happy to see you're excited about scrolling and know you will enjoy the hobby and the new friends you'll make here. If you have questions feel free to ask....everyone here started out as a beginner at one time or another and all will be happy to share information and help you learn. Again, welcome and hope to see you around the forum often.
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      Hi Brenda!

      Welcome from someone with whom you have a LOT in common:

      1. I'm new, too -- just joined a couple of hours or so before you!
      2. I too got a Dremel 1680 for Christmas (husband gave it to me a little early so I could make gifts I wanted to make!)
      3. I'm also a female scroller!
      4. My dad was born in Mineral Wells, so I guess I'm "half Texan"!
      5. My husband also got me a sander -- a 1/4 sheet one -- but for our 27th anniversary in November! (Ain't THAT romantic!)
      6. I too love the delicate work a scroll saw can do.

      How do you like your Dremel 1680? I really like mine, though feel there is more I can do to lessen its vibration. Is yours on a stand, or how do you have it mounted? Any problems with vibration? Mine is on the steel stand that came with it, and sitting on carpet in our extra bedroom, and vibrates slightly more than when I had it on the kitchen worktop. But I'll suffer the slight increase in vibration more easily than a scroll saw that basically takes over the kitchen and probably seasons most of our food with sawdust!

      FYI, I've been worried about spending too much money too on nice woods; there's really only one supplier -- a woodworking specialty shop -- in my area and they are truly expensive. In the Scroll Saw Work Shop magazine I bought yesterday, I noticed some ads from suppliers that are much cheaper and actually have more variety in widths and thicknesses. It means one perhaps might need to carefully plan out a few projects or so in advance and make up an order to make it convenient enough and worth the little wait, but to me that's definitely worth it! Around here, too, I can't find 1/2 inch thick wood wider than 5 inches, and I don't have a planer, so it's great to find other sources.

      Happy Scrolling and, again, glad to meet another new one!



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        Welcome Brenda


        Makes me smile when I read posts from new scrollers such as yourself and the enthusiasm with each post.

        It only gets better too!

        As Neil suggested, feel free to ask any questions. There are a lot of folks on here that will offer you their experience.

        Take care


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          Say Welcome Brenda. all the above is right in what they say. you will meet lots of friends here. count me as one. after you get all your new toys to do scrollsawing. it is hard to afford and find wood. but if i could put my 2 cn'ts in. as a beginner. i started out with some GOOD 1/4 plywood. its easy to cut, and affordabale for your first time cutting.the very first time i cut anything , it was on 2 buy 4s. not a good idea. to start with lol. you can even practice on some 1/2" pine. soft wood, lots of dust, and it does split easy. but easy to cut, and learn on. Cheap. too. before you know it you'll be cutting some realy nice things. don't give up. an learn from all are mistakes. lol. we have all made, all of them. at least i did. lol. with all your new toys. don't forget to get some good books, on how to does. they all have some other places to get more books, and magazines. some even have patterns. good luck my new freind. Evie


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            Welcome to the best scroll saw forum around Brenda.
            Anything you need to know about scrolling and more
            is available here, and you can't meet a nicer group
            of people.
            Delta P-20


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              wood for scrolling, ann and brenda...

              One excellant source for great hardwoods sanded and scrollsaw ready is from . He does have an add in the magazine as well. Great wood, and prices that are about the lowest you will find. welcome to the forum ! dale
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                Howdy there neighbors- I am also a female scroller but I have to admit I have been around longer than dirt-I live near Texarkana in the boon docks so I know what you mean about Texas- next subject - go to home depot for your wood and get baltic birch plywood. you can get a 4x8 sheet for 20 for a 1/4 inch and 30 for a 1/2 inch = they will cut it for you into smaller pieces too- this will give you loads of wood to use and it is the best for scrolling if you are going to use ply. building ply does not scroll and it will give you a lot of trouble you don't want- also I personally don't like pine because it breaks too easy..hope to see you kicking sawdust up and loving every minute


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                  Brenda, as another Texan ('bout 50 miles north), let me add my welcome to the forum. I know you will enjoy this bunch of folks. They are more than glad to offer you support and advice if and when you need it. Be sure to get some projects started and into the "Scroller Galleries" shown at left. As a matter of fact, it is something I always suggest to newcomers--look at the galleries to see what is being done with the scrollsaw. It will amazw you. Oncwe again--Welcome.
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                    Brenda and Ann, welcome the both of you. Nice to see more of your gender making sawdust. I too have a Dremel 1680 and have it attached to a wooden bench mounted against a concrete wall and on a concrete floor. I also have a rubber pad under it. I notice very little vibration until I crank the speed up to 1/2 and then it gets a little out of hand.

                    I get all my Baltic birch plywood, 1/2" hardwoods, blades and a bunch more from They are extremely efficient and don't gouge on the shipping. Check out their website and you'l find plenty to keep you going.

                    Enjoy, girls, and start posting pictures of your work.
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                    Making sawdust with a Dremel 1680.


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                      Brenda and Ann, welcome to the family, Steve
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                        Welcome to you both ..

                        Scrolling with a Dewalt 788


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                          I haven't seen either of these ladies signed on to the board in just about a year. Don't know where they disappeared to!!!
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                            Welcome Brenda and Ann. Happy scrolling
                            Owner of a nice 21" Excalibur
                            Owner of a Dewalt 788
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                              a warm welcome to the club, brenda & ann.


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