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  • Hi from upstate NY

    Hi, Just bought my dremmel today at H Depot was listed at 273 nd got last one for 119 Never used one but always wanted one..seem to be having problem putting it together

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    Welcome aboard. Let us know how we can help.
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      Be careful once you get to the point where you attach the saw to the stand. You CAN over tighten the bolts. The steel for the legs just isn't that strong. Mine have bent but I caught it early enough so it isn't a real problem.
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        HI Mybossbud. wellcome to the group. like Carl said let us now how we can help. let us know about you. we love to make new friends. and we all know it all. lol NOT> just kidding. hope you stick around , and let us know how your doing. looking forward to your posts. your new friend Evie


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          Hi, Welcome, AND Congrats on a great deal you got on your Dremel! Sounds like you purchased the Scrollstation with the disc sander?

          I have the 1680 Dremel and really like it, though I don't have any experience with which to compare, except a Ryobi 16" I tried and took back because it vibrated so much. The 1680 as out of my budget, then I saw it at a store marked for only 110 -- when I asked if that was the correct price, the cashier said "Well it is for you because that's what it was marked!" Next time I saw it the price was $179. So now is the season for good finds on Dremels, it seems!

          Mine came with a stand. Most important thing for me was to assemble all forty billion nuts barely tight, mount the saw, shift the stand till I got everything level, leave the level on the saw table, and start tightening, keeping a good eye all the time, every bolt, on the level. If it went off a little, then I loosened the previous nut, shifted it back to perfect again, and tightened it up again. The stand definitely took a bit of patience!

          Welcome and all the best,



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            Welcome, I'm new here too and also from upstate NY..Syracuse to be exact...lovely weather we're having isn't it? Just a FYI, the dremel 1800 at Home Depot is 239 before tax here...less if you get the one I just returned


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