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    Hello all, I found this forum while spending the morning in the house, pupping sitting our puppy who just had surgery. Not sure how I found it, but i'm glad I did!!! I hope to learn alot in the coming months. I will have alot of questions as i',m a beginner. I live in Ohio and have worked for the local school for the last 32yrs and will be retireing soon. I was hoping to find something to keep me busy. I have grandkids who are better with the computer than I am but I'm a fast learner. I guess i better go for now before I blow up the laptop. Till next time, keep smileing, it makes people wonder what you been doing!!!!! Rick

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    Hello Rick--
    Welcome to the group. I think you will like it here and the folks will be a great help if you are interested in pursuing scrolling as that "hobby" you mentioned. I am a recent retiree and making sawdust full time is a real kick. Hope to hear from you often.
    Old Mooner


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      Here's hoping that the puppy is doing well.
      Do you have a scroll saw, or is this all new to you?
      Tell us some more about you - we're a good audience! (possibly much different than students!!)


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        Hello Rick

        Rick a warning... Scrollsawing is addictive. But who care's, addictive is good. There are some very experieced scrollers in here. Very happy to help with any questions you have. Its a great hobby. The Gallery in here is inspirational.
        And if you don't have a scrollsaw, We'll even give you advice on choosing one. Look forward to hearing from you again. Have fun!!


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