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  • Hello from NJ

    Hi! My name is Dan and I live in North West New Jersey. I recently joined the forum to ask a question about balde choice for my young teenager and was impressed with the helpful responses.

    I have had a Dewalt saw for three years now with not nearly enough hours on it. A demanding job, two teenagers, a very long Honey Do list and a competing hobby keep getting in the way. But man do I have a lot of projects in mind!

    I have been a woodworker for about 20 years now and am also an avid birder. Spring, summer and fall are mostly dedicated to birding and winter is when I move down in the basement.

    A lot of my wood working projects intersect with my other hobby. I keep experimenting with nest boxes and I have some very unique feeders. I have made some beautiful lamps in a bird house style and other items.

    Scrolling is relativly new to me. I was drawn to it after seeing some of Judy Gale's work. She has some great wild bird designs. I have yet to actually try one of these projects.

    I keep having to remind myself that you have to be able to drive a car around the block before you can race NASCAR. I just get a little impatient sometimes.

    The posts on this forum seem to be very helpful and I look forward to more good advice!

    -Just do'in the best I can every day

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    FINALLY another Jersyite. I am from central New Jersey. This is the state where TAXES are king and the citizens are the serfs. Welcome and you have joined a very friendly group that is full of something, what is it? Oh yea knowledge. So when the urge hits to ask a question or to just shoot the bull jump right in.
    John T.


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